• me after a quiet day in: time for a quiet night in
  • the hands of boys! boy hands! boys with hands!
  • my only two moods ever are tenderness and hysteria
  • *cant handle it and goes to sleep*
  • time for my bedtime story *opens up 70k+ fanfiction*
  • i’m so easily revitalized by small, loving gestures
  • it might seem like my whole life revolves around fictional characters but yes it does
  • my kink is closing doors so that i am in complete solitude
  • me entering a bookstore: *my skin clears, an ethereal glow emanates from my body, small woodland animals gather at my feet, i am at peace*
  • i love lowkey vulgar girls that curse a little too much. i’m talking about myself
  • for my final project i will be disappearing into the mountains.
  • current mood: I need to explore a deep misty forest very far away
  • me about me: is she okay
  • love how flowers grow in little patches together. now there’s a clique i’d love to be a part of
feb 15 2020 ∞
mar 1 2020 +