south of nowhere L word i can't think straight fingersmith D.E.B.S Better than Chocolate The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls In Love But Im a Cheerleader High Art saving face nina's heavenly delights the world unseen The Color Purple If These Walls Could Talk 2 Bound Imagine Me and You Spider Lilies Naissance des pieuvres Butch Jaime The Guitar The Last Sect (hot, but the story should have been more gradual )5ive Girls ( more back story and a better ending would be nice) Gia Intimates Saving Face Floored by love Red Doors What's Cooking Femme Fatale Amour de femme Pourquoi pas moi? Kiss me again Puccini for Beginners

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Wild Side Je te mangerais Mango Kiss Show Me Love/F*cking Amal Gray Matters Out at the wedding Love my Life A Girl Thing Tick Tock [not the lullaby one] Be with me Gespenster [Hu Die] Butterfly Las pel?culas de mi padre Drifting Flowers Unveiled (Fremde Haut) Gillery's Little Secret The Fine Art of love: Mine ha-ha <--- strange and eerie -_-5 sense of eros

[1 scene] The Ten Rules: A Lesbian Survival Guide (short movie) Unfaithful [ porn series ] (what was i thinking) >.< Traveling Companion (short) Girl Talk (short) Some Like it Hot/Hellcats
(sub) The Scarlet Letter
(in the twist) Inescapable So Close [hong kong] (subtext ish) Better than Chocolate But I'm a Cheerleader The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love Lost & Delirious Loving Annabelle Fingersmith My Summer Of Love The Girl Desert Hearts Affinity Treading water It's in the water The gymnast Claire of the moon The Truth About Jane The investigator Zebra Lounge Wild Things Tipping the Velvet Nina’s heavenly delights when night is falling Aimée and Jaguar The Monkey's Mask Itty Bitty Titty Committee Finn's Girl All over me You and I [finding tatu] ( if i can find it) Berlin Affair (seems rare) Girl Play Making Maya (can't find it ) Fire Miao Miao Love me if you can Les Filles Du Botanist American Crime Radio Corazón Haute Tension French Twist Butterfly Kiss April's Shower An Unexpected Love A mi madre le gustan las mujeres Les Biches Backstage Monster Blue Gate Crossing Clara's Summer Des parents pas comme les autres Two Sides of the Bed Brush up my sisters Mulholland Drive Hannah Free High Art Fried Green Tomatoes Lesbian Vampire Killers La Repetition Cynara: Poetry in Motion Steam Girl Play Desert Hearts I've Heard The Mermaids Singing LOGOONLINE.COM show me love fucking amal -Tipping The Velvet -I Can't Think Straight -Fingersmith -Imagine Me & You -5five girls -Nina's Heavenly Delights -The Fine Art Of Love -Itty Bitty Titty Committee -Saving Face -April's Shower -Red Doors -My Summer Of Love -D.E.B.S -But I'm a Cheerleader -Grey Matters -Lost and Delirious -Boys Don't Cry -Desert Hearts -Sick Girl -Lesbian Vampire Killers -******* Amal (Show Me Love) -Pieuvres (Water Lilies) -Sonja nonsense revolution Fremde Haut Robin's Hood By Hook Or By Crook Gray Matters Intentions The Truth About Jane Gia Foxfire Fire Aimee and Jaguar Soldier's Girl Unveiled Claire Of The Moon Go Fish Salmonberries Watermelon Woman Thank God I'm A Lesbian Radical Harmonies Watermelon Woman" "Coming out stories" "Here come the girls" "The world unseen" "The investigator" "Salmonberries" "Between two women" Drifting flowers Fun in girls's shorts 1 and 2 Oranges aren't the only fruit When Night Is Falling" " Mambo Italiano " "C.R.A.Z.Y" "Show me love" "Clara's summer" Goldfish memory When night is falling Everything Relative saving grace the art of being straight the gymnast affinity the hours Some Exes and Ohs the girl Even Cowgirls Get the Blues all over me

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