money goals

  • save up for christmas
  • save up for moving out
  • cut down on smoking (spend less on tobacco)
  • don't waste money on alcohol
  • don't waste money on unnecessary food
  • use up my groceries before i get new ones
  • save for rent and bills monthly
  • groceries - look for offers and buy cheap foods etc own brands
  • keep receipts and keep track of spending/online banking
  • budget money properly
  • limit to minimum spending each week/month (£20-30 per wk)

personal goals

  • Really try hard to look for a job
  • save really hard when i have a job and set up a standing order
  • make better shopping lists
  • clean up my room more often
  • find things i like to do that make me happy
nov 4 2013 ∞
nov 4 2013 +