• Smashed my french press
  • Broke two of my wine glasses
  • Spilled shampoo all over my desk (books and letters ruined)
  • Spilled honey all over my desk
  • Been in my bed for any reason
  • Broken the handle off of a mug Alyssa made for me
  • Let onion bagels rot on the floor/not clean them up
  • Cracked my glass hand bottle
  • Stunk up the room with his nasty, garbage juice, unwashed, dirt-caked, clothing
nov 29 2010 ∞
jan 26 2011 +
user picture Effanineffable: this is impressive. nov 30 2010
user picture holly: if i read this when i was already upset for other things, i might have cried. feb 1 2011