• ain't my fault that i'm out here making ... (8k)
    • Rated E
    • “The recent and frankly meteoric rise of—,” and the man clears his throat, “LGBT idols has interested us. Their songs are charting higher, their albums are selling more, and more fans are going to their concerts. If we could corner this untapped market, we think it would do a lot for the NCT brand in these demographics.”


  • Faded Drank Faded Drank (7k)
    • Rated M
    • Chronicling ten's (successful) attempt to hook up with a """""straight""""" boy at a frat party.
jun 12 2019 ∞
may 7 2020 +


  • You Shine Like The Stars (20k)
    • Rated E
    • taeyong knows the only reason he's brave enough to sext johnny seo is because it's supposed to be convenient and inconsequential. except it isn't.


  • When The Kids Are Away (6.5k)
    • Rated E
    • Jaehyun takes his little brother to his soccer plays where he meets Johnny, hot dilf and overall nice guy.
  • Every Day Magic (Series | Standalone oneshots) ♡
    • Rated E
    • Johnny doesn't expect to meet the love of his life at the public library. (Jaehyun...
jun 12 2019 ∞
apr 6 2020 +


  • Entertainer (Series | 10k)
    • Rated T / E
    • Jeno is the star of Korea and Renjun is his manager.
  • You and I, Zero Mile (10k)
    • Rated T
    • Jeno wonders whether anyone in his class is really a Legilimens. He doesn’t know that much about them or whether they’d even react to something so dumb like someone yelling internally. Regardless, Jeno is bored, and doesn’t see why he can’t at least try.
    • HP!AU


jun 12 2019 ∞
apr 13 2020 +


  • The Art Of Baking (5k)
    • Johnny knows that Ten’s been lurking on twitter more and more often lately, but nothing could have prepared him for the words, “Johnny hyung, what’s a creampie?”


  • Stillness (4k)
    • It's not often that Jaehyun gets to take care of Johnny like this.
  • i don’t wanna be your friend (2.5k)
    • Jaehyun didn’t know as much about what Johnny likes as he thought.
  • Stallion (3k)
    • In a word of hybrids, Johnny is bullied f...
jun 13 2019 ∞
apr 20 2020 +


  • Double Tap It (10k)
    • Rated E
    • liu yangyang's life is not exciting. he goes to classes, keeps up with his trig assignments, stays out of the dorm when sicheng has yuta over, and, of course, he follows hendery @gothiquenanhai99 on twitter.
  • TTYL (16k)
    • Rated E
    • a month after they meet, hendery and yangyang are keeping it casual — hanging out, fucking, what else are friends for? but when hendery leaves town for work, yangyang begins to realize he misses him. like, a lot.


jun 12 2019 ∞
apr 16 2020 +


  • Protect Me So I Won't Lose That Light (8k)
    • Rated M
    • Hongseok is just playing the 'good friend' position, really. He just helps out whenever Jinho catches somebody's eye and they come on too strong, carefully guiding (guarding) his small body as they remove themselves from the situation at hand. No strings attached. ... Really.


  • Lucky Strike (10k)
    • Rated M
    • changgu doesn't have many friends so he resigns himself to lazing on his couch alone, watching sailor moon until it's too late to function. he meets a hungover hongseok on the fire escape a few days before...
may 31 2020 ∞
jul 10 2020 +



  • I'm A Fool For You (17k)
    • Rated E
    • In which Beomgyu’s roommate is hot, straighter than a ruler and the university’s biggest fuckboy. Also his soulmate. It’s fine. He’s fine. Until he coughs up his first petal that is.


  • Clear My Sight (4k)
    • Rated E
    • In a hotel room, Yeonjun isn't going to get involved... until he does.


jan 17 2020 ∞
jun 18 2020 +



  • Holi/Holi/Holiday (5k)
    • Rated E
    • Woojin and Hyunjin have lazy sex while thinking about their relationship.


  • Desperate (6k)
    • Rated E
    • Minho wants to be topped by Jisung after seeing the muscles he got for the Victory...
jun 12 2019 ∞
apr 20 2020 +


  • Galaxy S♡ (21k)
    • Rated T
    • Seokjin buys an Android. The side Taekook is heartbreaking.


  • The World Is A Complex (8k)
    • Rated E
    • Rule 63. Namjoon has a crush on Yoongi. They also make out.
  • Just Like The First Time (6k)
    • Rated M
    • “I'm just saying,” Hoseok says, leaning into the room and holding up his phone. The screen is so huge that even from across the bedroom, Yoongi can see the picture RM just posted of himself—in dark j...
jun 12 2019 ∞
apr 28 2020 +

Just read everything by them, please.


  • Ginforink
  • Gangbang
    • Writes amazing smut.


  • Hyuckheis
    • I came for the Mark/Yukhei and stayed for the Yukhei/Donghyuck. Really I didn't read anything I didn't like or told my friends to read too.
  • Idolrapper
    • Writes good smut and story. It's a winwin.
  • Renhyuck
jul 12 2019 ∞
may 31 2020 +



  • making headlines (5k)
    • Rated G
    • hanse is scheduled to guest on the same variety show as the only idol he's ever had a crush on, han seungwoo.


  • where's my kiss? (7k)
    • Rated T
    • Is it gay to kiss the homies goodnight?
    • Or, 4 times Chan kissed Sejun goodnight, ...
jul 10 2020 ∞
jul 12 2020 +


  • Instinct (82k)
    • Rated E
    • To protect and ensure the safety of his pack, Hongjoong would give anything- including himself to whichever pack promises the most protection. Seonghwa is suddenly faced with an omega that is nothing he ever expected and everything he never realized he needed.
  • you make it look like it's magic (7k)
    • Rated E
    • Hongjoong accidentally gives his stony-faced demon companion a mysterious potion and startling truths come out.
  • here for the good life (15k)
    • Rated E
    • It starts, as Hongjoong should have expec...
oct 28 2019 ∞
jun 4 2020 +


  • First Principles (2k)
    • More than anything, Seonghwa wants to serve Hongjoong. He wants it ardently, feverishly, more than he desires the Treasure, even more than he loves the Sea. Seonghwa would die for Hongjoong, this much everyone knows, but he would also die for everyone else aboard this ship. What he wouldn’t do for anyone else is present himself like this, subservient, faithful - but it’s the least his captain deserves.
  • Pierced And Pretty (7k)
    • “I like it when beautiful men beg for me, Park Seonghwa.”
  • Swallowing Light (9k)
    • Hongjoong is his superior, his captain—the captain; following him wherever he go...
mar 5 2020 ∞
may 12 2020 +


  • Red And Lacy (3k)
    • Rated E
    • Namjoon and Jin are attending a banquet for the university's student council and Jin insists her girlfriend switch out her usual bunchy clothes for something more flattering.
  • Wind Down (3k)
    • Rated E
    • in which jimin fucks away the stress of namjoo's week.
  • Missionary Work (4k)
    • Rated E
    • Jimin is a church going agnostic asked by...
mar 24 2020 ∞
apr 28 2020 +


  • Kiss Me If It's Real (5k)
    • The last think seokjin expects is for one of their members to have a tail.


  • Killing Time (9k)
    • Working overtime on Halloween night, Detective Kim Seokjin needs a fucking break.


  • Home (2k)
    • Emotional filth.


jun 14 2019 ∞
apr 14 2020 +


    • Lead Me Home (32k)
      • Rated E
      • Jaebum already is a werewolf. Jackson pets one and becomes one. Jaebum helps him learn how to handle it.
    • Up, Up, Up (22k)
      • Rated T
      • Jackson always wanted a puppy.
    • We Never Go Out Of Style (5k)
      • Rated E
      • Jinyoung and Jaebum don’t have bad blood, you heard it here first. soloist!JB and actor!Jr au
jun 14 2019 ∞
aug 9 2019 +