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Hello! I read K-Pop Fanfiction and I like to keep track of them so I am slowly putting together these lists!

♀ = rule 63 in some form
♡ = a personal favorite

dorsh about me (henlo)
bias list (♡)
movies, tv, music, etc. (☆)
e movies (2021)
movies (netflix contents watched)


  • Instinct (82k) ♡
    • Rated E
    • To protect and ensure the safety of his pack, Hongjoong would give anything- including himself to whichever pack promises the most protection. Seonghwa is suddenly faced with an omega that is nothing he ever expected and everything he never realized he needed.
  • Déshabiller (13k)
    • Rated E
    • Hongjoong is sharp, determined, hard working and poised to take the fashion industry by storm. Seonghwa is an aspiring model, new to the industry who hasn't yet been chewed up by it. The two meet, and Hongjoong knows he's going to design his entire line around him.
  • you make it look like it's magic (7k)
    • Rated E
    • Hongjoong accidentally gives his stony-faced demon companion a mysterious potion and startling truths come out.
  • here for the good life (15k)
    • Rated E
    • It starts, as Hongjoong should have expected, with a game of Never Have I Ever.
  • Picasso (7k)
    • Rated E
    • Hongjoong was a masterpiece – a body of flawless canvas and fluid curves waiting for the touch of a brush to bring him to life.
  • Russian Roulette (16k)
    • Rated E
    • Hongjoong is an elite hacker and his partner, Seonghwa, is one of the best assassins the nation has ever seen. Seonghwa shows Hongjoong that killing can be thrilling.
  • The Gods In The Sky (130k)
    • Rated E (For Violence)
    • College student Hongjoong falls asleep and wakes up in a world that’s been burning as long as anyone can remember, but he has finals next week. War-hardened Hongjoong wakes up to faces he recognizes but no one he trusts, but in his world, trust is the only way to survive.
  • Just Trust Me (27k)
    • Rated E
    • Seonghwa was previously a member of the Presidential Security Service and a former Black Beret. Now he’s working as a bodyguard in the private sector. It doesn’t carry the same kind of prestige as guarding the nation’s highest-ranking officials, but it’s all he feels he’s worthy of anymore.
  • Light The Way And Let Me Go (17k)
    • Rated E
    • Hongjoong is that guy who starts a rock band with his three closest friends in the garage of his parents’ suburban Long Island home. But as his perfect life crumbles down around him, he begins spiraling out of control… and while making music is the only thing keeping him from checking out entirely, even his bandmates feel helpless to stop him. They can do nothing but watch as his self-destructive tendencies worsen.
    • Heed the warnings!


  • jeong yunho's field guide for loving a dragon (3k)
    • Rated T
    • There are a few things you need to know. 1) Wings take up a lot of space and have sharp ends. Do not be angry when you have to buy new sheets every month. 2) Always, no matter the circumstances, dunk when your dragon has to sneeze. Fire is not good for the human skin. and 3) Let him fly
  • Talking To The Moon (6k) ♡
    • Rated T
    • Yunho takes Seonghwa home.
  • Mirror, Mirror (10k)
    • Rated E
    • Yunho has never considered alternative dimensions until he finds himself living with not one, but two Seonghwas. Like one isn't bad enough for his sanity as it is.


  • Something More Than Everything (19k)
    • Rated M
    • Yeosang is chilling on the couch, ready to rewatch the toxicology intro video someone sent to the biochemistry group chat, when Wooyoung asks him. Actually, he doesn’t even ask. He just shows up in front of Yeosang, chest puffed up with determination, and says, “We’re going out tonight.”
    • Yeosang meets Seonghwa at a party none of them wants to be at.
  • super silver haze (9k)
    • Rated E
    • In which Yeosang has a run-in with a car while skateboarding and somehow bags himself totally-not-a-sugar-daddy.


  • Die For You, Kill For You (12k) ♡
    • Rated E
    • Mafia husbands San and Seonghwa.
  • across scattered stars (6k)
    • Rated E
    • Seonghwa didn't work this hard just to babysit an off the rails gunner.
  • Grow As We Go (6k)
    • Rated E
    • The pipe outside Seonghwa’s bedroom window is just a little busted, enough to scare him every time it rains. It lets out a steady, hard drum of fat droplets of water against the window sill outside, loud and close enough to worry at him until he checks to see if it’s finally leaking through. It’s at its worst through summer, every night leaves him pulling the curtain back every half hour.
  • leave elegance to the tailor (8k)
    • Rated E
    • San rolls his eyes. “My relationship with Seonghwa is strictly professional.” “My relationship with Seonghwa is strictly professional,” Wooyoung mocks, voice oddly pitched and doubly annoying. God, does San really sound like that? “Sure, San. Sure.”


  • Wolfsbane (8k) ♡
    • Rated E
    • Mingi's an alpha blogger, infatuated by a beautiful man he sees in the coffee shop every day wearing illustrious dresses, skirts and clothing far too superior for his own country upbringing. One day he's assigned to cover the opening of a new potions shop in Seoul, only to discover the owner Seonghwa, is the exact person he's been enchanted by all this time.


  • Relative Density (16k)
    • Rated T
    • Thanks to an assignment in his first semester at SNU, Yunho finally has the perfect chance to confess a secret he's been hiding for the better part of a decade.
  • Catch you, catch me (13k)
    • Rated E
    • Someone that could maybe, possibly, definitely be Hongjoong runs a twitter account dedicated to posting about their mouth. Yunho finds it totally by accident.
  • A Point Of Pride (30k) ♡
    • Rated E
    • Even if he's kind of a shit vampire, Hongjoong is proud of his recurring job at Fright Nights and the plaque touting him as the 'Best Scarer of the Month' for the last six years. That is...until a certain Jeong Yunho laughs at his extremely terrifying fanged leap from his favorite hiding place. Laughs.
  • When Your Ass Hits the Pavement. That's Amore (77k) ♡
    • Rated E
    • In which Hongjoong trips over his own shoelaces, cracks in the sidewalk, and his feelings—not necessarily in that order.


  • fine, fresh, fierce! (12k)
    • Rated M
    • Sure, Mingi had expected that he’d be running into a lot of hot guys in college. That’s how college works, and that’s literally the only reason he’d wanted to go to college in America, for the hot guys. But somehow he hadn’t expected that the hot guys would literally be running into him, and he hadn’t expected it to happen on his first day of orientation, but here he is, and there he is, the hot guy.
  • i've always been a coward and i don't know what's good for me (18k)
    • Rated M
    • mingi sneezes again, his face scrunching up. “bless you!” the weird little voice says again. mingi looks to his right towards the sound of the voice, and suddenly there’s this sharp-looking little dude with a mullet (?) and a book in his hand leaning over his table and he’s smiling huge, like what a wolf’s smile would look like if the wolf were a human, and fuck, is mingi experiencing a monster energy-induced hallucination? (or: minjoong college au!!!!!!!!)
  • You Bring Me To My Knees (13k)
    • Rated E
    • He looks and sounds so dejected, mouth still settled in a pout, eyes drooping. Mingi blames his lack of brain cells and weakness for cute things for what he says next.
  • i'm gonna love you just a little more baby (10k)
    • Rated E
    • The sequel where Mingi still makes incredibly dumb decisions, aided by his well-meaning friends, and falls in love just a little more.


  • Comfort (8k)
    • Rated E
    • Yunho didn't expect to find a group of friends so easly. Neither did he expect to fall in love with the boy that seems to chew gum nonstop.


  • you were the life i needed all along (17k)
    • Rated E
    • “Do you make it a habit to cook and care for strange wolves who scout your territory for weeks, Yunho?”
  • you are my starlight (14.5k)
    • Rated E
    • The night before Halloween, San goes out looking for adventure and unexpectedly finds a newly-turned werewolf.


  • Coincidence. Let me be yours (15k)
    • Rated E
    • Mingi is not a very witchy witch, but he does pretty well for himself. He lucked out with a coven of truly awesome friends, has a solid GPA doing what he loves and is good at it, and is perfectly content to experience no magical misadventures or escapades (outside of, of course, the ones his coven members involve him in). (Usually this is Wooyoung and San, who are always getting into more trouble than is good for them). And then, one day, on his way to a lecture, Mingi stumbles upon a cat trapped in a drain. Only it's not a cat. It certainly looks like one. It’s got the fur and the ears, the tail and the whiskers, but Mingi looks into its brown eyes and he Sees a curse, heavy and obscuring, a net trapping whatever the cat really is into that form. "Oh," Mingi says, and knows his class is a lost cause.


  • Let’s Be Alone Together (5k)
    • Rated G
    • Yeosang is a lonely witch and Wooyoung is the cat that keeps him company.
  • Always Changing Nothing Changed (32k) ♡
    • Rated E
    • Feelings are a weakness. Emotions can be used against you. Good thing for them, Wooyoung and Yeosang feel nothing for each other. Absolutely nothing.


  • Same Town, New Story (20k)
    • Yeosang/Jongho
    • Rated M
    • “--if you agree to go on a date with me, my friends will let me leave, and I just want to go to the arcade because I have 600,000 tickets, and my friend said he’ll give me his tickets, and I’m so close to winning the lifesize Charmander, and this is tragically important to me, so if you just say yes and give me your number as proof a-and then you let me buy you dinner or something once, I will do almost anything.” “Skate from one side of this straightaway to the other, and I’ll say yes.” It’s the summer after Jongho’s junior year of college. The subway tunnels are slick with a combination of condensated sweat, spilled Starbucks, and mysterious tunnel sludge. He gets dared to ask Yeosang out. Things cascade from there.


  • By My Blood (17k)
    • Rated G
    • Choi San is in love with with his best friend of two years Jung Wooyoung and fortunately for him...Wooyoung returns those feelings. Unfortunately, Wooyoung was murdered centuries ago meaning that he's...well...dead. Or to be more specific, he's corporally challenged. However, San thinks he might have found a way around that...a way to give them both the happy ending that they so desperately want.
    • The ghost woosan au that nobody asked for, but that you're getting because I'm a Halloween enthusiast. Says so right there in the tags.
  • come back home (9.5k) ♀
    • Rated E
    • When Wooyoung wakes, the woods are silent. Something is in his forest, and has brought things to a terrifying standstill.
  • Fireflies and Dandelions (11k)
    • Rated E
    • San tried to ignore the way he felt giddy when Wooyoung squeezed his hand, and he tried to ignore the way Wooyoung's arm snaked around his like vines up a column, smoothly. They talked about the world above and the world below as soft choruses of bells played, visionary neon lights beamed off their laughter, and the music box ballerina spun somewhere in an attic.
    • San and Wooyoung fall in love during the winter of Louisiana, in a dorm stairwell.


  • Upon The Ancient, Savage Tide (13k) ♡
    • Seonghwa/Yeosang/San
    • Rated E
    • San was a drifter: he let the wind take him anywhere as long as it kept him one step ahead of his past. It was a difficult life, and a lonely one - until the wind landed him in a crumbling seaside town, home to a pretty boy named Yeosang... and something far more sinister.
  • Leave Me Shakin' (21k)
    • Yeosang/San/Wooyoung
    • Rated M
    • “Confidence comes from excelling,” Wooyoung exclaims defensively. “Or does excelling come from confidence?” San counters. Wooyoung wriggles beneath him, trapped in the heat of the blankets. “You’re so mean to me! On this the morn’ of my fifth attempt at conjuring a familiar! What if my anger seeps into the spell and conjures something really disgusting like a millipede?” San blows a raspberry on Wooyoung’s neck and climbs off him. “Then that’ll be your own fault, and you will have to live with your many-legged spirit-friend for all eternity.”
    • (Or: The ATEEZ coven gathers to witness as Wooyoung attempts once again to summon a familiar, prepared for an inevitable failure once more. Things go awry...))
  • A Hope For Silence (47k) ♡
    • Rated E
    • The Bazaar was, as always, full. Trading, bargaining, bickering, fighting, screaming. Hundreds of pirates, scoundrels, ruffians and other such riffraff coming in and out on the regular. Captain Kim's crew, as was expected, were usually the worst of them all. They were clearly troublemakers no matter where they went. They held swords and pistols, blasters and strings of bullets and grenades across their chests and hips. They were disrespectful and loud and aggressive but the most troublesome of the lot was, perhaps, Captain Kim.
  • To keep a warm heart in a cold world (1.5k)
    • Rated T
    • Seonghwa doesn’t really know who the leg hooked over his thigh belongs to, whose fur is ticking his elbow or whose lips are pressing innocent kisses to his nape, but he thinks he doesn’t really need to know to bask in the acceptance and gratitude. It’s good. It’s warm.
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