• albert fish
  • anatoly onoprienko
  • angel resendez
  • armin meiwes
  • boston strangler
  • btk - dennis rader
  • celluloid serial killers
  • charles cullen
  • charles manson
  • charles sobraj
  • david berkowitz
  • david parker ray
  • dennis nilsen
  • dorothea puente
  • dr. harold shipman
  • eddie gein
  • edmund kemper
  • fred & rose west
  • gary leon ridgway
  • graham young
  • green river murders
  • h.h. holmes
  • henry lee lucas
  • jack the ripper
  • jack the stripper
  • jeffrey dahmer
  • jerry brudos
  • john norman vollins
  • john wayne gacy
  • joseph edward duncan III
  • juan corona
  • kitty genovese
  • london hammer murders
  • michael mullen
  • paul bernardo & karla homolka
  • pedro lopez
  • robert pickton
  • ted bundy
  • texas chainsaw massacre
  • the 'mad butcher of kingsbury run'
  • the night stalker: richard ramirez
  • the rostov ripper
  • the zodiac killer
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dec 31 2017 +
user picture seratonin: I love looking up serial killers! The zodiac killer was interesting and so was charles manson. As sick as it was, it was really fascinating how he was able to get people to do what he wanted. I've only watched the movie about the zodiac killer, but it's so sad that they never got a definite answer. The Wineville Chicken Coop Murders was pretty interesting to read about. feb 18 2013
user picture marialeonor: this creeps me out but i kinda find it interesting???? jan 15 2015
user picture Bru: I fucking loved it oct 7 2016
user picture Christine: this list is freaking interesting! nov 17 2016
user picture juno: love this list (and your film lists)! did you happen to come across david parker ray's recording transcript? shit's fucked up. apr 13 2017
user picture carolina: i did! i couldn't sleep that night and i often find myself unwillingly remembering some of the parts that scarred me the most. i wouldn't read the whole thing again even if i was promised a million dollars. apr 23 2017