• Is tall (at least 6'3")
  • Blonde hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Well built body and properly proportioned
    • Preferably well muscled, but still soft enough to qualify as a good pillow
  • He will be ticklish in one or two places so that I am not the only one who loses the tickle war


  • Drives a truck (Must be a Dodge of course)
  • He will hunt, fish and enjoy doing any other activity that I enjoy (or at least pretend to like it to make me happy)
  • He MUST enjoy cuddling
  • He should respond quickly and effectively to texts/Facebook posts
  • He must be willing to give up any of his clothing because I want to wear it
  • He does not want to be inside a city


  • He will be nice to my family and friends
  • He will not be cocky
  • He will know how to tease, but know when he is starting to overstep boundries
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