Throughout All Events

  • every time a reporter complains about Sochi hotels
  • every time there is a new country
  • anti-gay laws are mentioned
  • ukraine is mentioned
  • stray dogs are mentioned
  • cuts frame to Putin
  • countries outfit choices are mind bogglingly ugly
  • Take one drink every time a announcer invites you to "share a moment with the world."
  • Take a drink every time they mention "overcoming adversity"
  • During the opening ceremonies: take a drink every time a commentator offers some irrelevant factoid about the country currently walking into the stadium, thereby demonstrating that he/she doesn't know jack shit about the country in question and is assuming that you don't either.
  • drink every time reporter deserves a punch to the groin for annoying little history factoids that are irrelevant to what is going on
  • take a drink every time "we all play for Canada" commercial comes on
  • Take a drink every time a new country is introduced; drink twice if you can trace family origins back to that country
  • Take a drink every time the announcer says "this symbolizes this" or any derivative thereof
  • Every time you see an Olympics Visa commercial meant to inspire you to rise up and live your dreams, take 2 drinks.
  • you see the Sochi Mascots
  • An athlete from a poor/wartorn country who is "thrilled to be here"
  • Any mention of the 1980 US men's hockey team, Miracle on Ice, the summit series/Henderson
  • Any time an announcer mentions the brand name of a uniform supplier, like "Roots" or "Nike"
  • Any time announcer mispronounces the name of a country/city
  • A flashback to a previous Olympic games
  • any time a north American announcer Don Cherry's the name of an Eastern European

For A Specific Country

  • The second part of the game requires each player to choose a different country. A person will drink when of the following actions concerns their country.
    • Any time you see the country's flag - 1 drink
    • Mention of an athlete from the country favored to win gold - 3 drinks
    • Mention of an athlete from the country expected to take silver - 2 drinks
    • Mention of an athlete from the country expected to take bronze - 1 drink
    • Mention of an athlete from the country expected to compete for a medal - 1 drink

Specific Events

  • One drink if an ice skater wipes out.
  • Two drinks if a skier bites it.
  • Finish your beer if an ice luge-er eats it.
  • Finish a case if a fucking bobsled crashes.
  • An athlete has overcome tragedy to reach Olympics
  • Mention of an athlete's real job
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