• What does Michelle like? Goodies aproved.
    • Always love a good piece of jewelry
    • A little bit of spritz -Vera Wang (Jenny <3) and makeup never hurts although that huge box of makeup is going to last me forever.
    • I like books too. Good books. Reads that are nice but offer thought. Humorous books, I am into the "Merde series" Merde again, merde happens, merde... etc.
    • Carla Bruni <3
    • I need a good Italian-English dictionary
    • Language kits aka : "How to speak Spanish book and CD"
    • Something wordly.. traveling useful.

Heck! Anything is fine! I just want us to all come together and party! Now you know what I like!

  • .. A little island close to Vancouver. -the dream.
dec 12 2009 ∞
dec 12 2009 +