• "primavera" don l
  • "open your eyes" sarah kinsley
  • "the lakes" taylor swift
  • "cardigan" taylor swift
  • "less and less" matt maltese
  • "idontwannabeyouanymore" billie eilish
  • "lately" wet
  • "kokomo, in" japanese breakfast
  • "big wheel" samia
  • "slide tackle" japanese breakfast
  • "be sweet" japanese breakfast
  • "paprika" japanese breakfast
  • "hey, who really cares" linda perhacs
  • "newsong2" baek yerin


  • "glorious" foxes
  • "i just" red velvet
  • "tudo o que você podia ser" milton nascimento
  • "meta angel" fka twigs
  • "don't know how to keep loving you" julia jacklin
  • "the body is a blade" japanese breakfast
  • "todo carinho" duda beat
  • "real love" big thief
  • "body" julia jacklin
  • "cry" julia jacklin
  • "fast times" sabrina carpenter


  • "courage" villagers
  • "last kiss" taylor swift
  • "spring day" bts
  • "both sides now" joni mitchell covered by emilia jones
  • "there's too much love" belle & sebastian
  • "bem que se quis" marisa monte


  • "as it was" harry styles
  • "right where you left me" taylor swift
  • "now i'm in it" haim
  • "betty" taylor swift
  • "how can i make it ok" wolf alice
  • "savior complex" phoebe bridges


  • "tailwhip" men i trust
  • "please stay" lucy dacus
  • "dum" omar rudberg
  • "bunny is a rider" caroline polachek
  • "lydia wears a cross" julia jacklin
  • "tis the damn season" taylor swift
  • "matilda" harry styles
  • "little freak" harry styles
  • "anda" billie marten
  • "pigeon" billie marten


  • "better distractions" faye webster
  • "grapejuice" harry styles
  • "pop!" nayeon
  • "on the floor" perfume genius


  • "o mundo é um moinho" cartola
  • "love, try not to let go" julia jacklin
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