• afraid the neighbourhood | all my friends always lie to me, i know they're thinking "you're too mean, i don't like you; fuck you, anyway"
  • tranquility base hotel and casino arctic monkeys | and do you celebrate your dark side then wish you'd never left the house? have you ever spent a generation trying to figure that one out?
  • oh no! marina and the diamonds | if i fail, i'll fall apart [...] 'cause i feel like i'm the worst so i always act like i'm the best
  • if i believe you the 1975 | i mean if it was you that made my body, you probably shouldn't have made me atheist
  • montréal -40°c malajube | j'm'inspire du pire pour m'enrichir et je t'aime tellement que j'hallucine
  • seashore the regrettes | i do a lot of stupid stuff but don't act like you're so tough
  • cheetah tongue the wombats | i cut off my head and my cheetah tongue, i can't think straight and my mouth is numb
  • ribs lorde | this dream isn't feeling sweet, we're reeling through the midnight streets and i've never felt more alone, it feels so scary getting old
  • c'mon panic! at the disco featuring fun. | i am a man of many hats although i never mastered anything
  • honey whiskey nothing but thieves | i think i better go before i try something i might regret
  • liability lorde | so i guess i'll go home into the arms of the girl that i love, the only love i haven't screwed up; she's so hard to please but she's a forest fire [...] we slow dance in the living room, but all that a stranger would see is one girl swaying alone, stroking her cheek
  • daddy issues the neighbourhood | i'm not entirely here, half of me has disappeared
  • pinguim rubel | não esquece de ser dura e forte, não esquece de olhar pra marte, não esquece de fazer tua arte, não esquece de esquecer o que tem que se esquecer
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