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capricorn ascendant: capable

  • the personality is formed inside a steady, formidable field.
  • you see the world as a place to control and contribute to.
    • + disciplined, ambitious, practical, patient, reserved, athletic ability, dignity, occasionally great physical beauty
    • – rigid, pessimistic, overly conventional, calculated, worry

scorpio sun: magnetic

  • black’s intensity requires a full experience and expressiveness of life. there is regeneration and transformation at the foundation of the personality.
  • often secretive and mysterious, there are deep undercurrents at work. intrigue and misunderstanding run hand in hand. there’s strong magnetic appeal and intense emotional desires. intuitive and determined, here is the good friend and deadly enemy. still waters run deep.
  • highly motivated, nothing can deter you when inspired or driven towards a goal. here is the idea of the void of nothingness containing the seed of everything.
    • + motivated, courageous, passionate, forceful, exciting, extremely intuitive, magnetic, appealing
    • – resentful, jealous, obsessive, obstinate, secretive, deadly, manipulative and duplicitous

sagittarius moon: adventurous heart

  • an expansive, good natured element is at the center of the personality.
  • restless, fun loving and warm, orange enlivens the self and is very expressive.
    • + independent, idealistic, optimistic, enthusiastic, cheerful, lucky
    • – careless, restless, disappointed, impatient, discouraged

people with the same colorscope:

  • charles bronson (1921)
    • american actor
  • pope benedetto xv (1854)
    • physically deformed, sweet
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