• quando lhe achei, me perdi; quando vi você, me apaixonei { à primeira vista chico césar }
  • pinta os lábios para escrever a tua boca em minha { luz dos olhos nando reis }
  • i didn't dodge all your bullets, i just denied that they hit me { my heart goes bum bum bum flatsound }
  • tanto te quise besar que me duelen los labios { sale el sol shakira }
  • with tears in my eyes i begged you to stay, you said "hey man, i love you but no fucking way" { twin sized mattress the front bottoms }
  • how could anything bad ever happen to you? you make a fool of death with your beauty { hunger florence + the machine }
  • but i don't let him touch me anymore; i said i'm not something to butter up and taste when you get bored { 100 letters halsey }
  • show me where my armor ends, show me where my skin begins { pluto sleeping at last }
  • i'll love you 'til you call the cops on me { writer in the dark lorde }
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