(from katie)

  • Flower: forget-me-nots, snowdrops, tea roses, peonies
  • Colour: olive green
  • Noise: rain, crackling fires, birds in the woods, swifts circling, an empty beach with a rough sea.
  • Scents: honeysuckle, summer mornings, winter mornings, fresh washing, gingerbread, the seaside, jasmine, chai tea, coffee, dragon's blood
  • Feeling: hugs from my husband, my cat's fur on my face, fresh bed sheets, a warm bath, swimming in a natural lake, gentle summer breeze on my face, woolen jumpers in winter
  • Instrument: violin, piano
  • Season: autumn/winter
  • Weather: cold
  • Tea: green, chai, peppermint, chamomile
  • Eye Colour: dark green
  • Clothing colour: black
  • Music: all
  • Animal: bears, horses
  • Time of day: twilight
  • Accent: london, icelandic english
  • Name: (Boy:) edward, albert (Girl:) emma, sylvie
  • Word: apothecary, silhouette
  • Dessert: toffee apple crumble
  • Language: french, icelandic
  • Book: east of eden by john steinbeck
  • Tree: willow, oak, silver birch
  • High School Subject: english, art
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