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"When I was a little girl, I remember an old faded print on my uncle's wall, showing a string of camels around a desert with a palm spring. I've always wanted to travel and see that place. To see the Taj Mahal, the pillars of Karnak. I want to know, not just believe, that the world is round. But I can never do it on a teacher's salary."

Katherine Brooke

That quote has always resonated with ...

Seamyst follows:
moute television (2019: seasons watched)
Juc television (series)
victoria travel (trips)
skoobe (Books Read in 2019)
kelly books (to read in 2019)
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  • Read (at least) 52 books in 2011
    • Any genre counts but they CANNOT be related to work
    • Maybe by letters of the alphabet (?)
  • Bookcross out the books that will not be re-read/kept
    • Organize our bookshelves
    • Purchase a NOOKcolor
  • Genealogical Research
    • Attend to DAR membership research, first
    • Attend DAR meetings
    • Go to the Family History library
    • Get a Family Tree software program
    • I'll break down the steps of that, later
  • Do not continue to put my wishes/needs/thoughts and desires last
    • Get my jewelry back from the p. shop
      • See that the pieces never go back to the shop
    • Start saving for my birthday
      • Tuck away a small amount for that purpose, each month
    • Start to budget for my own needs/desires
      • Make sure to set aside some money for THAT purpose, as well
  • Live instead of exist
    • Be mindful of not living in a constant state of lack
      • Improve our budget for groceries
      • Ditto for my coffee
    • Establish a small savings account for emergencies
    • Do a small something FUN with DH every day/night
    • Take myself out for lunch (or a movie) once per month
    • Reassess my goals (and note any progress) weekly
    • Keep up with doing my Gratitude Journal OR my Morning Pages
    • Decorate the patio. 2011 IS the year for this, too.
  • Continue to improve my diet
    • Exercise
    • Lose weight
    • Lessen my stress levels
      • Do NOT take on the responsibilities of others
      • Stop allowing people to treat me poorly
  • Personal Appearance
    • Revamp my wardrobe
      • Donate the clothes to a safe house
    • And my hairstyle/color
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