Hate gratitude lists but sometimes I feel like I do forget things that make my life so much easier.

  • a good mother
  • a nice home
  • great health; just some shitty eyes and odd teeth
  • a fancy phone; unfortunately super useful
  • internet
  • water that isn't shit
  • being able to indulge myself; this has so much wrapped up in it
  • a wonderful mind
  • I actually enjoy healthful food
  • non-toxic friendships
  • often the person who doesn't get deleted in a "friend purge" (even if maybe I'm enough of a shitty person to be deleted)
  • not ugly; I know that much
  • writing ability
jul 22 2018 ∞
oct 10 2018 +


  • CodeAcademy, coding
  • Coursera, international universities
    • Has open and close dates but some will keep their course materials up (they'll most likely mention it).
    • Very interesting courses.
  • edX, international universities including Ivys
    • Have not used, looks promising. Will update when I go through a course.
  • Futurelearn, UK and EU universities
  • Harvard, sorted by free
    • May be better off using edX
  • https://www.diygenius.com/the-ultimate-g...
    • With top courses
  • iTunes U
may 24 2017 ∞
oct 29 2017 +
  • Andromeda*
    • Once named a fish this.
  • Aphrodisias
  • Asmodeus
    • Rolls off the tongue well, but unfortunately a demon.
  • Athénaïs
  • Devorah
  • Iamblichus
  • Soraya
mar 19 2017 ∞
jun 20 2017 +
  • 24 Jan '17
    • A stupid boy
    • 70s crooning
    • Landscape gardening
    • Politics
    • Reading
    • Pop economics
  • 5 Feb '17
    • Bubble shooter (it been like this for a few months)
    • Regina Spektor's Remember Us To Life
    • The library
    • High school nostalgia
    • Genealogy
    • Frozen food
      • There's been some sort of renaissance and practically every single frozen meal I see doesn't have any preservatives or weir...
jan 24 2017 ∞
apr 9 2018 +
  • Long nights are inevitable at some point, but the best workers figure out there are solutions to creating time from nothing.
  • Printing prices are always negotiable.
  • You don't need to pay for poor printing.
  • The hours will get you to where you need to be. If you're not there already, you need to put in more hours.
  • The only way to truly know is to get your hands dirty.
  • Personal projects enliven your life and your work.
  • For as long as we have hands, drawing is and will always be crucial.
  • The more you hate a software at the beginning the more you will love it later.
  • Habits keep you sane.
  • Ingest, synthesize, discuss.
  • Work on your portfolio often. It is an active exercise in improving your presentat...
oct 6 2015 ∞
jan 24 2017 +

The 50/50 kind.

  • koffie verkeerd (Dutch)
  • café au lait (French)
  • café con leche (Spanish)
  • cafè amb llet (Catalan)
  • kawa biała (Polish)
  • Milchkaffee (German)
  • café com leite (Portuguese/Brazilian)
  • caffè latte (Italian)
jun 17 2015 ∞
jun 26 2015 +


  • delete phone apps
  • delete phone photos
  • back up phone photos
  • make space in dropbox
  • clean your computer with ccleaner
  • read through pocket articles
  • clean out your bookmarks
  • organize your bookmarks
  • delete tweets, posted photos, statuses, and the like
  • get to inbox zero
    • hint: use folders
  • unsubscribe from everything you do not read
  • use a finances manager like mint. learn to budget.
  • ruthlessly purse your friends list. conduct other acts of digital silencing on all platforms. learn to no longer complain about the noise of everyone. remember you ...
jun 16 2015 ∞
jun 17 2015 +
list icon
  • Warren McCullough on Walter Pitts
    • He is the most omniverous of scientists and scholars. He has become an excellent dye chemist, a good mammalogist, he knows the sedges, mushrooms and the birds of New England. He knows neuroanatomy and neurophysiology from their original sources in Greek, Latin, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and German for he learns any language he needs as soon as he needs it. Things like electrical circuit theory and the practical soldering in of power, lighting, and radio circuits he does himself. In my long life, I have never seen a man so erudite or so really practical.
  • Greg Mortenson in Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson
    • Each year, whether he was serving as a U.S. Army medic and platoon leader in Germany, working on a nursing degree in South ...
apr 23 2011 ∞
feb 22 2016 +
  • His face twisted in sudden anguish. "I'm his squire ," he repeated, as the rain ran down his face, "but he left me."
  • Everything that is Aemon
    • Talking to Jon of hearing the news that his family had been slaughtered.
    • Aemon Targaryen , Jon thought, a king's son and a king's brother and a king who might have been .
    • He spoke of dreams and never named the dreamer, of a glass candle that could not be lit and eggs that would not hatch. He said the sphinx was the riddle, not the riddler, whatever that meant. He asked Sam to read for him a book by Septon Barth, whose writing had been burned during the reign of Baelor the Blessed. Once he woke up weeping. "The dragon must have three heads," he wailed, "but I am too old and frail to be one of them. I should be with her, showing her the way, but my body has betrayed me...
may 31 2012 ∞
may 31 2012 +

TO WATCH 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018


  • Trance (2013)
  • Tully (2018)
  • First Reformed (2017)
  • Woman Walks Ahead (2018)


  • Generation Wealth (2018, doc)
  • Captain Marvel (2019)
  • Alita: Battle Angel (2019)
  • Glass (2019)


  • Eighth Grade (2018)


  • Game of Thrones, season 8


  • Westworld, season 2
dec 8 2019 ∞
dec 8 2019 +

NOTE: I've made this SOLELY a list of movies to watch and will delete after adding them to the appropriate yearly list. It makes things easier to read.


2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

  • 10 Years (2011)
  • 13 (2010)
  • 3 Idiots (2009)
  • 30 Minutes (2011)
  • 8 1/2 (1963)
  • A Girl’s Own Story (1984)
  • A Spell To Ward Off The Darkness (2013)
  • Ain't Them Bodies Saints (2013)
  • All Is Lost (2013)
  • American Translation (2011)
  • Any Day Now (2012)
  • Apollo 18 (2011)
  • Artist is Present, The (2012)
  • Banana Pancakes and the Children of Sticky Rice (2015)
dec 25 2010 ∞
dec 8 2019 +

Three parts for each category, 5 Essential People, 5 Essential Classics, and 5 Lesser-Known Gems.


  • Howard Hawks
  • Walter Hill
  • Sam Peckinpah
  • Raoul Walsh
  • John Woo
  • Children Of Men (2006)
  • Die Hard (1988)
  • Dr No (1962)
  • Face/Off
  • Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981)
  • Hatari!
  • House Of Flying Daggers (2004)
  • The Right Stuff (1983)
  • The Wages Of Fear (1953)
  • The Warriors (1979)


may 25 2010 ∞
jul 12 2017 +

I am one of the worse titlers that ever lived.

  • The Cynics: A Memoir
  • The Intellectuals: A Memoir
    • "I'm a qualifier, not an extremist."
  • The Lipscomb Files
  • Arguing Physics
  • Art and Physics
  • The Absolutely True Story of How I Died at Antietam and Fought In the Holocaust: A History of Errers
  • A Summation of Differences
  • Penultimate Behaviour
  • Language of the Apocalypse
  • A Plebeian Like Me
  • Memoirs from Watching the World Burn
  • Gas Food Lodging
  • Love Bends a Little
  • A Finer Shade of Grey
nov 11 2011 ∞
jul 26 2015 +

See more at Rooms In Film.

THE GIVER (2014)

    • The Giver's library, of course. Not simply for the fact that it's a library, with all the meaning that implies, but also the bits hidden within it, the drawers, cupboards, and display of curios. Also the staircase.


    • Specific chromatic palette, very similar to Tom's apartment in 500 Days of Summer but California has a yellower undertone and this film takes place in overcast and rainy London. Justin and Kate's flat is the epitome of a homely Instagram-beautiful interior with lots of empty bits of glass containers and ceramics and a very nice textural variation. Teresa and Jon's fl...
sep 19 2010 ∞
jan 24 2017 +
  • More comprehensive and speedier traffic analysis.
    • Identify potential environmental effects and propose programs to reduce the need for extended traffic.
  • Accurate population census.
    • Where do certain groups live and why?
      • What can you do to improve their state of living?
      • Are they isolated or do they mix in well with the rest of the city?
  • Specific environmental monitoring
    • Cut down on water overuse
    • Eliminate light usage when not needed or when unoccupied
    • More accurate readings of soil/moisture so that sprinklers and the like do not tur...
sep 30 2014 ∞
sep 30 2014 +
list icon
  • Derivative trader
  • Ent-wife
  • Album Artist
  • Aesthetics critic
  • Ink merchant
  • Indian dye merchant
  • Spice merchant
  • Artist's model
  • Tree climber
  • Explosives engineer
  • Inventor of a machine that makes snowballs
  • Philosopher
  • Professor of knot theory
  • Consulting detective
  • Photographing snakes
  • Fountain Engineer
  • Tolkien scholar
  • Historian of secret societies
  • Writer for The Onion
  • Name-maker
mar 18 2009 ∞
may 9 2014 +


Life of Pi

  • Blake's "The Tyger"
  • Eating pie
  • Pi (1998), Darren Aronofsky
  • Reciting digits of π
  • Unit circle

My First Revolution

jan 25 2012 ∞
jul 30 2015 +
list icon
  • Jevon's Paradox
    • Increasing efficiency of a process which uses a resource increases (not decreases) the consumption of that resource.
  • Moore's Law
    • Seen in other technology. Growth is generally exponential across the board.
    • The number of transistors that can be placed inexpensively on an integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years.
  • Murphy's Law
    • Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.
  • Occam's Razor
    • The hypothesis that makes the fewest assumptions is the best choice.
  • Parkinson's Law
mar 31 2011 ∞
mar 17 2012 +
  • My music and why I listen to old music. Just because it's old it's still good and I enjoy it (there's a lot of listening to music I liked when I was 12 going on). There are still songs that I feel embarrassed about. I am also having to think and overthink all those instances where someone heard me singing something and teased me about the lyrics (more times than you'd think).
  • Instagram, or posting things in general. Does not include Twitter because my writing itself can be quite dumb still. The last thing I posted in IG got like, two likes from people who follow me and all else were from marketing accounts. But I wanted to post that for my own sake.
  • Haven't used Facebook in nearly four months and wow, does that cut down on how bad it makes me feel for doing nothing with my life. Or maybe I haven't been using it...
jan 10 2018 ∞
jan 10 2018 +
list icon
  • Emil Cioran , On the Heights of Despair
    • "I would rather die of fire than of void."
  • Peter J. Carroll
    • "As sunlight obscures the stars by day, so does wakefulness obscure the fact we are still dreaming."
  • Sylvia Plath, from The Collected Poems: Love Letter
    • "If I’m alive now, then I was dead / Though, like a stone, unbothered by it, / Staying put according to habit."
  • Clarice Lispector, from “The Princess (I),” Selected Cronicas
    • "I would then stretch out my hand… Because it is night, because I am alone in another’s night, because this silence is much too great for me, because I have two...
feb 22 2009 ∞
oct 26 2017 +
  • Anna Karina
    • Eyeliner, fringe
  • Anna Mouglais
    • Hair, makeup, moodiness
  • Anne Hathaway as Selena Kyle
  • Ava Gardner
  • Bérénice Marlohe
    • Body type, makeup, clothing cut, hair (esp. lazy updo)
    • See also: Skyfall, 5-7
  • Charlotte Rampling
  • Dita von Teese
  • Francois Hardy
    • Fringe
  • Grace Kelly
    • Clothing cut
mar 28 2017 ∞
mar 28 2017 +
  • I have literally never watched a single episode of Gilmore Girls

I started watching after I made this list, but these are some damn fine books. Bolded are for me to pick books to read next. link

  • 1984 by George Orwell
  • Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
  • Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
  • The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon
  • An American Tragedy by Theodore Dreiser
  • Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt
  • Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
  • The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank
  • The Archidamian War by Donald Kagan
  • The Art of Fiction by Henry James
  • The Art of War by Sun Tzu
  • As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner
aug 20 2015 ∞
jan 10 2018 +
  • inconsequential but significant things I regret:
    • leaving my dress shoes in Barcelona. i like didn't have room for ANYTHING and was panicking and cursing myself but damn, I should have kept those damn shoes. they're the perfect height, wedge incline, and look. fuuuuck.
    • at the homecoming party or whatever saving up all the little monies-things so i could get an ipod whose volume buttons would stick by the end of summer. i was so upset about my ipod going kaput. i should have fucking got the gopro (which I hardly knew about, but i definitely noticed it).
  • the french pronunciation of "orleans". amazing.
  • a better grasp of european geography, due to study abroad research
sep 14 2014 ∞
jul 21 2015 +


  • Bike riding in Amsterdam . It was cold and Dutch kids laughed at me taking selfies. I was excited to tell everyone we were riding omafiets , just like the one I have at home (everyone makes fun of me for it).
  • Inadvertently eating raw meat throughout the Netherlands. The first was ossenworst at the Brouwerij 't IJ in Amsterdam. The second was broodje haring on too much bread and not enough sauce in Delft . I will eat practically anything and travel is the best excuse to try everything.
  • Watching Birdman at a Pathé theater in Amsterdam while my friends tried to get drunk and high at the Bulldog. I then proceeded to lose my camera in the theater. This is why I lack enough photographs of the rest of my travels through the Netherlands (I do go back for the camera).
  • Riding park bikes through the Hoge Veluwe forest. No one knew that this was going to happen and a lot of people were unprepared. I found it to be the best way to relax after days of mad dashing about the Netherlands . The trees were tall, there were plains with dunes, there was a statue in the mid...
jun 12 2015 ∞
jul 22 2015 +
  • Adrian Monk
  • Aubrey Plaza (actual human, not a character)
  • Azula
  • Chel
  • Darth Vader
    • On account of name.
  • Daria ("But more optimistic.")
  • Dr. Cal Lightman
  • Dr. Sheldon Cooper
  • Dr. Spencer Reid
    • "Fucking Reid is just fucking like you."
  • Edna Mode
  • GLaDOS
    • "But I'm not sure you'd care enough about the science."
  • Kevin Katchadourian
  • Patrick Bateman
jan 26 2012 ∞
oct 22 2016 +
  • Buddhist temple
  • Hari Krishna temple
  • Jewish temple
    • High holidays
      • Rosh Hashanah
    • Reading Shylock's Daughter while my father attended Torah study
  • Methodist church
    • Everything
  • Scientology Easter Sunday
  • Unitarian Universalist service
  • Blessed by a Hindu saint (and given a mantra)
mar 23 2013 ∞
apr 22 2013 +
  • the boy in the darkness
  • the boy of polarity
    • my favorite
  • the boy that didn't see
  • the boy who sang
  • the boy who wrote it in French
  • the boy who tricked me
  • the boy behind my ear
  • the boy who got too close (to my face)
  • the boy who liked to try too hard
  • the boy up high
  • the boy with the bike
  • the boy who pried
  • the boy from the mountains
  • the boy from Japan
  • the Polish boy
  • the Frenchman
  • the Englishman
    • also a favorite
dec 27 2012 ∞
jan 17 2017 +
list icon
  • snuffed matches
  • dryers
  • laundry detergent
  • ink
  • chocolate chip cookies
  • mint
  • flint after being struck
  • coffee
  • copper
  • overheated circuitry
  • new hotel rooms
feb 20 2009 ∞
may 10 2011 +
  • Assassinate
  • Clone a human
  • Reimann hypothesis
  • Circumnavigate nautically
  • Unified currency
  • Acquire a South American country
  • Discover the unified theory
  • Carnegie Hall
  • Mars
  • Make an impoverished African country sustainable
  • Rehabilitate murderers
apr 4 2012 ∞
mar 10 2013 +