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"and fantasy it was, for we were not strong, only aggressive; we were not free, merely licensed; we were not compassionate, we were polite; not good but well behaved. we courted death in order to call ourselves brave, and hid like thieves from life. we substituted good grammar for intellect; we switched habits to simulate maturity; we rearranged lies and called it truth, seeing in the new pattern ...

*Ash* follows:
lisa films
black lives matter
thatsamazing music (cool spotify playlists.)
encre photos (cameras)
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  • Saw Mt. Rushmore
  • Played in a soapy fountain
  • Been camping at Flintstones Bedrock City (SD)
  • Witnessed a shuttle launch from the NASA Causeway viewing site
  • Traveled by train
  • Graduated highschool
  • Watched a lunar eclipse w/ friends
  • Stayed up to watch the sun rise
  • Stayed up to watch a meteor shower
  • Had piece of written work published
  • Seen the Statue of Liberty
  • Been snorkeling
  • Swam with dolphins
  • Fed a stingray
  • Been ice skating in Central Park
  • Been to the top of the Empire State Building
  • Been inside the twin towers :(
  • Got a ticket for speeding
  • Given a stranger a ride home
  • Played on an organized sports team
  • Held a baby alligator
  • Held (part of) a huge albino boa
  • Met someone off of the internet
  • Been in a car accident (2x)
  • Been Tubing
  • Been jet skiing
  • Got a tattoo or two
  • Donated blood
  • Seen a play on Broadway
  • Shot a gun
  • Eaten a coconut we knocked out of a tree
  • Swam in a tidal pool (Icky...)
  • Been in a parade.
  • Got engaged
  • Learned to drive manual
  • Got married
nov 10 2008 ∞
jun 14 2013 +