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the good bad mother binge-watch with mom • visited my great-grandma • chinese snacks • made gyoza with mom • pms, felt sick • back to work • hot pot at home • done with my first read of the year • unbearably hot summer days • saturday outing in são paulo by myself • woodz enlisted ;( • rainy days • love wins all • family trip • days of rest


my boss gifted me her copy of the vegetarian • finally visited this new bookshop • karaoke with the girls • ♡ twice concert! ♡ • laufey grammy winner • carnaval but i'm resting • chinese new year • açaí bowl • bought cute overalls • lunch at the korean restaurant • anxious sleepless nights • met my friend again after six months • the winning is out • watched a ghibli movie at the cinema for the first time


my final semester in college has started • yummy vegetarian restaurant • must. work. on. research project • some good and bad news at work • went on a date • it's so hot i feel like i'm inside an air fryer • day6 comeback after three!!!! years!!! ahhhh • a beloved family member has passed away. sadness, grief, hurt. but love, too.


busy and tired • lots of walking and babbling with my friend

jan 2 2024 ∞
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