now I wish we would smile more, it will be okay, because today's me is doing fine

——— hello!! I'm thalita (she/her), 20, and I'm from brazil. I'm a journalism student, a cat lover and a night owl. I like plants, frogs, books, anime, manga, and music. I'm a huge fan of bts, monsta x, seventeen and wonho. it's nice to meet you!

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"to be free & kindly with myself [...] Sometimes to read, sometimes not to read. to go out, yes—but stay at home in spite of being asked. as for clothes, i think to buy good ones" — Virginia Woolf

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    • street lights reflecting on wet asphalt at night

your language is deep, late night conversations and meaningful songs. you have a chameleon-like ability to shift from "life of the party" to "alone in the quietest corner" in the house party of life. you thrive when you are around like-minded individuals and you can be very charming and outgoing when you feel most comfortable. but sometimes you feel like this is just a persona you've created to make yourself appear more put-together. you can be moody and self-isolating, and it is easy for you to get stuck inside your own head. in reality, others are drawn to your vibrant, magnetic energy. your unique sense of style and a wide variety of interests makes you an easy person to vibe with if you can just get out of your head.

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