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I can't just tell you to be strong no matter what, but within those struggles, even just a little, please try to find things that make you happy.


  • start of something new, asian movies, a menor mulher do mundo, curso de editoração, são paulo, psiquiatra.


  • fim do semestre, cirurgia do siso, ano novo lunar, true beauty, to all the boys: always and forever, the promised neverland, shinee's back.


  • yoga, sono por causa da nova medicação, kakao m canalhas, desânimo, sonhos estranhos, sungjin :( , obcecada por limpeza, 40 filmes com thalita, lockdown, meus avós foram vacinados.


  • new semester, vincenzo with my mom, music releases, study group, studying for hsk 3, haircut, demon slayer.


  • oficina pedagógica, applied for hsk 3, winter's coming - wearing pants again after a really long time, terminei o curso de editoração, iu day, love poem in seoul, butter.


  • cold rainy days, two days of sowoozoo, front desk, got my hsk 3 certificate, celebrated my grandma's birthday, my parents got vaccinated!!!, taiko no tatsujin, isolating myself again.


  • the university hoodie i ordered is pretty, chacha note's asmr channel, celebrated my aunt's birthday, thalita's stickers were (finally) delivered, group project, maratona de hsm com a alice, traveled to apply for a job, classes are over at last, it's so damn cold, watching the olympics.


  • 2-week winter vacation, made strawberry cake for fathers' day, got up at 5am to watch caratland, i got vaccinated!!!!!!, made bread again, beginning of a new semester, finished a book, i turned 20 years old, job interview.


  • thursday study group, young k solo debut, rewatching hotel del luna with mom, i got my first internship!!, shopping for new clothes after a whole year, tirei os dentes do siso (de novo), dor e uma bochecha enorme, comprei o livro bilíngue da cai cai, my hilac album finally arrived, eating junk food, moving back to são paulo, first week of internship


  • got my first payment, watched squid game with dad, young k went to war, had japanese food by myself, why is it so cold we're in mid-october, i miss staying home
jan 2 2021 ∞
oct 21 2021 +