• And I'm on my back, on my back again. Words we had to describe the same feeling~ all without a meaning~ (Young the Giant, Art Exhibit). Favorite of all time
  • What was your question? Love is the answer. (All My Stars Aligned. Mist mystical, i love this it makes me think of the entirety of my life in alignment with my grandma's. Really beautiful. Poised with meaning, but you don't have to explain that meaning.
  • I know I'll fall in love with you, baby And that's not what I wanna do (Cry Baby).
  • Listen, Jesus, to the warning I give Please remember that I want us to live C'mon cm'on He won't listen to me C'mon c'mon He won't listen to me (Heaven on their minds). He won't LISTEN to me. Feels like speaking to deaf ears - forever a silence, even your own voice won't respond. Judas' cries echo throughout history.
  • Give a little little More love. Give a little little More time Even the smallest of the small things about you Are huge to me (Little Little). Kind of cradles your heart. Precious? Butterflies in stomach kind of love. but the butterflies keep on flying~
  • Baby one of these days One of these years Let's meet again, one of these nights (One of these Nights). This song is heart-wrenching for me. It was a rare song that caused me to burst in tears without even knowing the meaning. And for this song, knowing the meaning makes it even more heartbreaking.
  • How much sorrow can I take? Blackbird on my shoulder (Mystery of Love). Sufjan's voice draws this picture of a shadow of a person, or a shadow world with every emotion swirling quietly in a typhoon around you. If you reach in, and speak softly, you can feel the sadness reach out its hand from your shadow to your hand.
  • Did you get enough love, my little dove? Why do you cry? And I'm sorry I left, but it was for the best though it never felt right (Fourth of July). What a beautiful song. I have no good words to describe how amazing it is.
  • In the morning when you finally go And the nurse runs in with her head hung low And the cardinal hits the window (Casimir Pulaski Day). And the cardinal hits the window. Stopping short when someone says their sick. momentary heart frozen in between the pulse.
  • At night on the roof top I untie my hair and watch from my plastic chair as my dark hair Unleashes the night (Carry Me Out). Mitski, man. She's untouchable.
  • The island girls, how they move, like dancing is a language In Germany they smiled at me Like that's all I demanded (Earth Girls). Waves~
  • Wait there pull yourself out of this state dear Acknowledge you were a fake here From there on you might just grow (Brother)
  • Honey you're familiar Like my mirror years ago

Idealism sits in prison Chivalry fell on his sword (From Eden)

  • Think I'm going to stay and all the street lights say "Never mind, never mind" The sunset says "We see this all the time" Never mind, never you mind (In Your Atmosphere)
  • And if she sees you, it changes you Rearranges your molecules (Roma Fade)
  • I'm trying to find my peace. I was made to believe there's something wrong with me (Cold War)
  • Although the thought of paradise is very nice

In my heart I know I don't believe in magic So I'm thinking maybe death is like eternal TV static Or returning to the state before your birth Absorbed into the earth The fewer hours left the MORE THEY'RE WORTH (Conversations).

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