• Painted Faces 1929 (I watched by myself. It is worth watching again with Keith)
  • Her Private Affair 1929
  • We are not alone 1939 (not on Free Classic Films website)
  • Twin Husbands 1933 (watched 2/24/17 it was good)
  • Jim Hanvey, Detective Movie 1937 (watched. was a little confusing because some important parts were cut out. When we watched it on Amazaon Prime and saw the entire movie, it was not as confusing but still a bit of a head scratcher. Overall, it was good but probably not worth watching again.)
  • A Star is Born, 1937 (I watched this. Did Keith watch with me? It's good enough to watch again.)
  • Symphony of Living, 1935
  • His Double Life, 1934 (I watched this. I think Keith will like it.)
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  • 1)Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky orchestrated by Michail Toushmalov (St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley Symphony Orchestra performed this on 11/20/16
  • May 2017, after meeting a friend of Emily's, Michael Simmons, at U.D. Emily told me that Michael Simmons says that everyone should be able to identify the greatest pieces of classical music when they hear it. I guess which pieces are the greatest are subject to individual opinion. I have decided to begin reading about pieces of music and the composers, and listening to the pieces. I will keep track of the pieces that are my favorites. The goal is to get a list of 100 eventually.
  • 05/27/2017 I listened to some Claude Debussy (1862-1918) and Max Bruch (1838-1920 and maybe a few others. Here are the titles of some books I checked out of the li...
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12/14/18 Hello dear family, I know this list doesn't change much (look at the bottom of the list. I did add a few items.) but it does still list some of my favorite things. I'll try to add a bit more soon. I love you all. The joy of giving and receiving gifts has to do with the love motivating the giving and receiving. That's what is important. If you are stressed out about gift giving, let me know. I don't want that to happen. Let me help you. The stress puts a damper on things. Let's talk about it. Let's get our priorities straight. Mom is always hear to listen. (Keith: I'm talking to you too. I love you!)

  • I love all the beautiful artwork, notes, poems, stories that are done just for me. These are very special.
  • I also love any craft item done just for me. Handmade items are very nice.
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  • Pam Stenzel, chastity educator
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  • An Amateur's Guide to the Pursuit of Happiness by Britt Reints (Amazon Kindle book) family traveling the US in 24ft travel trailer. See if Keith has Kindle Unlimited. 4/2/17 No Keith does not have Kindle Unlimited. It costs a lot. 4/7/18 I checked the St. Louis County Library and they do not have this book.
  • Elijah by Michael Brown (not sure if I got that right. Keith said he read it on Kindle from some kind of borrowing service. Ask Keith again about this and how to do the borrowing.
  • http://www.ncregister.com/blog/sspencer/...
  • I am learning how to use a "tablet" to download/borrow ebooks from the St. Louis County Library.
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