• favorite color: green(why? because it's the color of life, and when you're on the river and you look out and can see all the trees & or you see the sunny grass and it's just so perfect, blue is a close second)
  • favorite animal(s): tigers, dogs, megafauna, prairie dogs, moose, and...corgis. They get their own category. They're so precious.
  • favorite movies: Prince of Egypt, Lagaan, Meet the Robinsons, The Tigger Movie, Howl's Moving Castle, The Miracle Maker, Some Like It Hot, The Sixth Sense, The Sting, Arrival
  • favorite song(s): Fourth of July, Here Comes a Thought, PARTY IN THE USA
  • favorite musical artists: Sufjan Stevens,
  • favorite artist artists: vincent van gogh, wassily kandinsky
  • the best jokes I've ever heard: Jesus told the crowd the first one without sin Mary beans with rock, Jenna marbles I wanna be tall
  • best inside jokes: SAHM, hey baby olelala lady...., put em in the center of the box EGGS, *standing at a distance bent slightly at knees eyes squinted and waving at my sister*, singing any song but replacing first letter of each word with "s" (schneezus schnoves shu shlittle SHCHILLDRENNN), give me a SNAKE,


  • my favorite subject in school: Film Study, Filmmaking/Broadcast, History
  • the best authors in my humble opinion - Wendelin van Drannen, Brian Jacques,
  • favorite tv shows: Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra, Parks & Rec, X-Files, Mythbusters,
  • favorite sounds: birds chirping, splashing of a paddle hitting the water, BIRD SOUNDS i love 'em, soft rain, my friend's guitar playing, my friends & family's laughter (especially mom & dad),
  • favorite smells: dark chocolate, pizza, freshly washed sweatshirts
  • favorite foods: tacos, bagel bites (pizza in gen.), fettucini alfredo yum,
  • some of my favorite activities: canoeing, watching Youtube videos, reading books, making short films,
  • dream jobs: architect like Bob the Builder, a composer for music in films, a professional canoer? is that possible?,a filmmaker/cinematographer, tech person on broadway/theatre,
  • i'm afraid of: mannequins, mascots (like up close in real life, people in costumes like that TERRIFFY me like i have to get away i can't stand it), IKEA, large crowds, CICADA SHELLS freak me the heck out
  • Some things to keep in mind:

"Then I run to my mom, her voice calms me down" "You can't do everything, but every day you can do something"

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