• Korean:
  • Korean with Billy - these notes go in notebook
  • Duolingo = vocabulary + phrases! These go on Word.
  • Watch videos listening to Korean

(*) Geography - Seterra!

  • we've got Europe, South America, Africa so far! Next steps: African capitals, Central America!, Middle East
  • CS50 Harvard Course heck ye
  • ~ 1 lesson per week. First Scratch project, second write any notes in a new notebook. Also, watch crash course computer science
  • Typing:
  • accuracy & speed. More important right now is accuracy! Continue to learn symbols (the ones I need the most work on is [ ] {} \ | ~ `. Numbers also.
  • Data input. Editing sites. See what editing jobs are available. (also known as proofing...durh uh)
  • Self-Care bc love yoself
  • in morning: wash face, clean retainers, moisturize, brush hair.
  • in evening: shower, wash face, brush teeth, floss 'em, moisturize.

might want to look up jonathan v. ness tips because y not.

  • Exercise ties right in with it - walking is always nice. picking up sticks around the yard

: the best routine I have is plank, chin ups, jumping jacks, twist stretch, knee to chest, lift feet tighten abs. (why is that important?) It will be nice to be able to pick up chairs easily again.

apr 6 2019 ∞
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