• The Parade - Dave Eggers. No. Just no. First time I've ever sat in one place for almost 30 minutes shell-shocked from a single paragraph at the end of a book.
  • milk and honey - Rupi Kaur. Probably the first poetry collection I have read in a while that I...didn't really like? Or connect with? I greatly respect the author for sharing her abuse and raw emotions. I think I just found this book at the wrong time. When I'm older perhaps.
  • Kafka on the Shore - Haruki Murakami. I'm about halfway thru this book (jan 31), and it such a surreal atmosphere that settles in your brain. It feels like everything that happens is completely normal, even talking to cats. Kafka is super likeable, and things just...it's like you're floating when you read it. very philosophical as well. "responsibility for your dreams" (Feb 4) I guess you could say that escalated quickly. My brain started to go haywire with theories and I was only slightly disturbed to put it lightly. It makes me want to go back through the whole book. The Oedipus Curse, Johnny Walker, is Nakata Kafka in the future? Did Nakata cross over into limbo when the children collapsed? When the "border is open" you can talk to cats??? WOW. Honestly I really liked this book. It was a mindbender and really up my alley.
  • Morning Child - Gardner Dozois. I listened to Levar Burton reading this story. It was the first time in quite a while I froze after reading a certain sentence - completely taken by surprise. Since I have a difficult time with imagery in my mind, the story seemed crooked. Like, everything didn't quite fit together, environment/location-wise. But thinking about it, honestly I think it's what the author intended. The world-building is minimal because it's a short story (duh silly me). And it just made it all the more poignant? Your brain is scrambling to fill in the missing pieces but it can't process everything until you get to the end. And go back and listen. Or remember something from the beginning of the story. A cyclical story. Which the theme of time bending back and forth, it makes more sense. Super cool story, I want to read more of this author's work (he is like a god in the science-fiction world, I think)
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