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l, 99'

  • ☉ capricorn aries ☾ virgo
  • minimalism and aesthetics
  • writing ; lettering ; gaming ; photography
  • psychology major, 4th year

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jan 27 2016 ∞
jan 27 2020 +
user picture Han: u forgot the "best person in the world* thing jan 31 2016
user picture Lari: such a sweetheart, my king <3 feb 2 2016
user picture Venus: Ooh my best friend is a Capricorn Sun and Virgo Moon! That's really cool! :D sep 4 2016
user picture Lari: aaaaaaa how nice <3 <3 bonus if your friend's ascendant is aries too, haha! sep 8 2016
user picture Venus: I'm not seeing this until now but actually yes, he is! :o oct 23 2016
user picture Lari: omg, really?? What a coincidence! I bet he is really nice, hahaha ❤❤❤ some people think that this is the worst combination, but I dont think so XD
user picture Venus: Pish-posh, the worst combination is Aquarius Moon and Cancer rising. You can't trust them mother fuckers o.o (I'm kidding, but interestingly there actually are problems in how they relate to their family) Haha It's no fair! I want to meet someone who is Taurus Sun, Capricorn Moon, and Pisces rising (which is my own haha). It figures I'd come across someone like you first! XD
user picture Lari: I have a friend that has the same astrology chart as me, it's hella nice LOL but we are really different in certain aspects! And my other friend has taurus sun and capricorn rising XD XD almost like yours! nov 26 2016
user picture jéssica: LARI, ATUALIZA O LINK DO PINTEREST! nov 28 2016
user picture jéssica: por favorzin <3
user picture Lari: Done! Valeu por avisar ❤❤ nov 29 2016
user picture Lawlie: OI LARA VC É MTO CUTE aug 8 2017