in no particular order

  • he is honest and faithful
  • he actively shows that he wants me, he treats me well
  • he prioritizes communication and makes sure we're on the same page before jumping to conclusions
  • he finds that my personality is absolutely amazing just the way it is (he likes my capriciousness and digs my interests)
  • he is tolerant, liberal
  • he is in harmony with himself, he knows himself and he knows what he wants
  • he also makes effort to reach his goals (he has ambition and preferably a proper job too)
  • he likes onion just as much as I do
  • he reads Russian literature or at least reads a piece when I ask him
  • he doesn't control me, he respects me
  • he listens to me and is patient with me
  • he gives me constructive critique and supports me as much as he can
  • he brags about me to his friends
  • he is tidy and cleans regularly
  • he empathizes with me and connects emotionally to me
  • he is willing to talk about his feelings and dreams to me
  • he is sexy, tall and has a nice voice
  • he is super funny without trying hard
  • he is intelligent and witty
  • he keeps calm and open even if things get difficult
  • he loves traveling just as much as I do
  • he speaks or is willing to learn some Hungarian
  • he understands things beyond the literal
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