• i want to ask him: am i the ocean? are you drowning in everything i don’t say when i’m awake? x
  • if i live anywhere in his body, i live in his lungs x
  • even for a moment, you'd let your flaws meet mine, so they would intertwine and create something flawless x
  • you were my roaring orchestra. i was the background music x
  • i was satisfied with haiku until i met you x
  • i will gladly take on your ocean, just to swim beneath you x
  • there are days when i feel beautiful like solar flares and days where you eclipse my heat like moons x
  • i want to be simple with you. and i want to be whatever you need me to be x
  • the truth is this: my love for you is the only empire i will ever build x
  • i fell in love with the back of him first. and only then could i love the rest like the other side of the moon x
  • the earth is made of dust, and dirt and you are as essential to me, as earth is to sky. you give me something to set my sun against x
  • the smell of burning as, you stroke his cheek, because you are always setting fire to each other x
  • but maybe he's just a man, who means the universe to you x
  • your name like an animal covered with frost, your name like a music that’s been transposed, a suit of fur x
  • oh darling, let’s be kings, i’m a killer in a crown x
  • you and i, against a rule, set for us by time x


  • you are just now arriving at the place you were always meant to be x
  • somewhere between all of our laughs, deep talks and little fights, i fell in love with you
  • i won’t kiss you. it might get to be a habit and i can’t get rid of habits
  • the impossible conclusion that i have known you before, i have loved you before- in other time, a different place, some other existence x
  • touch me ‘til my ribs become piano keys, ‘til there is sheet music scrolled across the inside of my lungs
  • i gave you eternity in a single moment, strength of the mountains in one clasp of your arms x
  • okay, maybe okay will be our "always"
  • two souls are sometimes created together and in love before they’re born
  • i want you. i want your sleepy confused look when you wake up. i want to be the warmth that fills the space in your bed x
  • i will love you until all the codes and hearts have been broken x
  • we loved each other, just never at the same time
  • your mouth could do brutal things to my heart but you’re a risk i’m willing to fuck because i have a feeling your hands would do beautiful things to my thighs
  • you’re about to open your mouth and say something to break the silence, but he speaks first. he tilts his head slightly and says: “you make me really happy.” and you will agree he does, too x
  • for one moment i wanted nothing but to lock my fingers in his pale hair, to kiss him until his breath that moved in my throat x
  • i bet you could sometimes find all of the mysteries of the univer in someone's hands.
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