as i'm studying in Germany right now, here is the list of famous castles/palaces that i would like to be (hopefully) able to visit them someday.





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jan 9 2018 +

i'm bored so i made a list! to be added...


  • dbsk/tvxq - mirotic (4th album)
  • dbsk/tvxq - rising sun (2nd album)
  • f(x) - pink tape (2nd album)
  • f(x) - red light (3rd album)
  • iu - real (6th mini album)
  • shinee - the shinee world (debut album)
  • winner - 2014 s/s (debut album)


  • arctic monkeys - am (5th album)
  • arctic monkeys - favourite worst nightmare (2nd album)
  • bastille - bad blood (debut album)
  • florence & the machine - lungs (debut album)
  • of monsters and men - my head is an animal (debut album)
  • paramore - paramore (4th album)
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jan 9 2018 +
  • WHY I DIDN'T MAKE THIS LIST SOONER. me and emily actually owned some of the funniest convos in the world
  • and because i genuinely like her
  • i don't remember how we met anymore. because of galaexo i think?
    • emily secretly adores me this is known. she probably fangirl-ed for straight 10 minutes after i followed her on twitter /SNORTS. COME ON NOW don't deny the truth emsies
    • her reita icon on galaexo really caught my attention. never expected to see a visual-kei fan on a forums of a kpop boyband!!! she's quite special isn't she (weirdo)
    • and she complimented on my talent (which talent? i have no talent whatsoever) but she's herself spectacularly great with her graphic skills
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