S01E02: one for the angels

  • "you never know who might need something up there. up there?"

S01E04: sixteen millimeter shrine

  • "he's the one i wanted to have come see me. but he's dead now."

S01E05: walking distance

  • "you're not martyn sloan. i know martyn sloan and you're not him!"

S01E06: escape clause

  • "no, no, no. no trouble. i just killed my wife."

S01E07: the lonely

  • "is it man and woman? or man and machine? i don't really know myself, but there are times when i do know that alicia is simply an extension of me."

S01E08: time enough at last

  • "and the best thing, the very best thing of all, is there's time now."

S01E09: perchance to dream

  • "how can i argue with a dream?"

S01E11: and when the sky was opened

  • "once upon a time there used to be a man named harrington, a man named forbes, a man named gart. they used to exist, but don't any longer."

S01E12: what you need

  • "because the things you need the most, i can't supply."

S01E14: third from the sun

  • "see it there? it's the shiny one. the bright one over on the right. it's hard to believe there are people there. people like us."
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