• (first day of my life, bright eyes) so if you wanna be with me / with these things, there’s no telling / we just have to wait and see / but i’d rather be working for a paycheck / than waiting to win the lottery
  • (seasons to grow, hunter g k thompson) in my mind, i see you dancing / and my eyes wonder what they're missing
  • (queria me enjoar de você, dinda) voltando da sua casa ontem / reparei que eu tinha ficado lá)
  • (rolling in the deep, adele) think of me in the depths of your despair
  • (demorou pra ser, vanguart) quando chove na cidade / eu lembro de você
  • (you are the trafic, coin) i guess it isn't up for me to decide if i get some color on my cheeks
  • (when am i gonna lose you, local natives) and the ocean was all we could see / and i knew that i wanted you
  • (someone like you) "don't forget me", i beg / "i'll remember", you said / "sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead"
jun 10 2020 ∞
jan 24 2022 +
  • être dans la lune to be lost in one’s thoughts, to be absent-minded; lit. to be on the moon.
  • crème de la crème the best person or thing of a particular kind.
  • rebodunk an offensive rebound that happens as a dunk
jan 10 2019 ∞
dec 30 2021 +
  • knows how to forget, emily dickinson x
  • one art, elizabeth bishop
  • os porcos, júlia lopes de almeida
  • júlia lopes de almeida
    • "A vida sem beijos! A vida sem beijos é como um jardim sem flores, um pomar sem frutos, ou (...) um deserto sem oásis. Não valeria a pena prolongar a existência à custa de tamanho sacrifício."
  • o cego estrelinho, mia couto
  • o tell me the truth about love, w.h. auden x
  • ash, tracy k smith x
  • funeral blues, w.h. auden
  • didática da invenção, manoel de barros
aug 26 2020 ∞
jan 1 2022 +
  • "don't let someone's emotional inconsistency make you addicted to temporary highs." and when we say temporary highs, we mean the ones that exist only to compensate the lows. it shouldn't be like that. consistent highs don't mean they're happening all the time. it means they are significant enough to leave no doubts on your emotions. i know it's hard to believe healthy love exists but please don't give it up just yet. <3
  • "Love asks us to look at, not look for" (@drunkwhenimadethis)
  • "someone being patient with u is one of the softest forms of love" (@thathotstoner)
  • A Bookmark Near the End He loves history. He wanted to write a biography of John Quincy Adams. I, shamefully, knew almost nothing about John Quincy Adams, so I went online and bought every biography of him I could find. One day, he called me, claiming that we wouldn’t work out long term. He said he loved me ...
jan 15 2022 ∞
jan 27 2022 +
  • (bon iver & twenty one pilots) if it’s harmed me, it’s harmed me, it’ll harm me, i let it in + i keep on going back, even though it's me i abuse
  • (snow patrol, ed sheeran, shawn mendes, one direction & alt-j) those 3 words are said too much, they're not enough + my three words have two meanings + i won't keep on saying those three empty words + tongue tied over three words + 'cause i got three little words that i've always been dying to tell you + these three worn words that we whisper like the rubbing hands of tourists in verona
  • (sufjan stevens, niall horan & kodaline) should i tear my eyes out now? everything i feel returns to you somehow + over and over the only truth, everything comes back to you + it all comes down to you
  • (vanguart & noahs) e o meu peito mais aberto que o mar da bahia, e eu só queria te contar tudo que faz em mim + don't you know? you make me feel with my heart wide open
  • (sufjan stevens, bon iver, twenty one pil... i want to be well, i want to be well + a...
jul 27 2020 ∞
jul 14 2023 +
  • mao mao, heroes of pure heart
  • trem infinito
  • summer camp island
  • final space
  • cake
  • futurama
  • bob's burgers ⇢
  • midnight gospel ⇢
  • over the garden wall ↺
oct 10 2021 ∞
oct 18 2021 +

starplus ⋆ | netflix ↝ | prime + | baixar/stremio ▷

  • ad astra, 2019 ⋆
  • raising arizona, 1987 ⋆
  • don't look up, 2021 ↝
  • howl's moving castle, 2004 ↝
  • the florida project, 2017 +
  • breaking away, 1979 ▷
  • clue, 1985 ▷
  • portrait of a lady on fire, 2018 ▷
  • 살인의 추억 (memories of murder), 2003 ▷
  • sleepless in seatle, 1993 ▷
dec 29 2021 ∞
jan 16 2023 +
  • qnd os caras fazem FT e saem batendo um na mão do outro kkkkk
  • cestas de 3 pontos
  • qnd os caras rodopiam pra desviar
  • o luka dončić
  • ver um time jogando bem como um time
  • ver a casa TODA CHEIA lotadassa de gente comemorando junto
  • game-winning buzzer-beaters ...
  • homens mt bonitos
  • enterradas fodas
  • ver o lebron james errando cestas <3
  • qnd acaba o jogo e todo mundo se abraça #paz e #amor
  • qnd a torcida começa a gritar DEFENSE! DEFENSE! DEFENSE! junto
  • a palavra Rebodunk (rebote ofensivo com enterrada)
  • qnd eles falam que um dos jogadores fez alguma coisa COM AUTORIDADE™ eu acho o máximo
  • os famosos que vão assistir o jogo
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