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caspian matteo alexander. xxiv. they/he. tender, optimistic, whimsical writer-boy. lover of the written word, soft blankets, and his friends.

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jan 1 2020 ∞
sep 8 2021 +


  • oct 2: making soup with carolyn, 3:00
  • oct 8: work, 8:00
  • oct 15: work, 8:00
  • oct 16: tattoo consult, 11:00
  • oct 23: work, 8:00
  • oct 31: halloween / anniversary


  • paint every friday (1/5)
  • make pumpkin bars
  • watch 10 horror movies (10/10)


  • animal crossing: new horizons again, thank goodness

best moments of the month

  • spending the day with mars, snuggling and watching mindless youtube videos; starting to acrylic paint; making soup with car...
oct 1 2021 ∞
oct 20 2021 +
  • tehanu, ursula k. le guin
    • "but even so she did not feel she understood his shame, his agony of humiliation. perhaps only a man could feel so. a woman got used to shame." (p. 101)
    • "'what is this grief of mine for? what man am i mourning? ged the archmage? why is hawk the goatherd sick with grief and shame for him? what have i done that i should be ashamed?'" (p. 239)
    • "'all the greatness of men is founded on shame, made out of it.'" (p. 239)
  • hour of the witch, chris bohjalian
    • "how is it i am humiliated when i am alone? does not humiliation demand an audience?" (p. 12)
sep 15 2021 ∞
sep 22 2021 +
  • the weight of feathers, anna-marie mclemore
    • "cluck knew the shape of her. he knew her hands. he'd seen her set them on her hips." (p. 58)
    • "having her there made him look at the birds a little less. when she was watching, he could watch her. he could study how her skin and her eyes and hair were all gradations of the same color, lighter to darker. the only parts of her face that broke the sequence was the pink on her lips and the deep red on her cheek, like crushed raspberries. if he stopped thinking of how much it must have hurt her, that patch on her cheek was beautiful." (p. 141)
    • "she wouldn't have caught cluck's laughs if she hadn't been so close to him. they were short, quiet, the same low pitch as the air pulling past the cab. they intertwined with lace's, her hands still sparki...
jan 1 2021 ∞
oct 13 2021 +