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caspian matteo alexander. xxv. they/them. tender, optimistic, whimsical writer-boy. lover of the written word, soft blankets, and his friends.

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  • anne of the island, l. m. montgomery
    • "'i wonder if it will be – can be – any more beautiful than this,' murmured anne, looking around her with the loving, enraptured eyes of those to whom 'home' must always be the loveliest spot in the world, no matter what fairer lands may lie under alien stars." (p. 5)
    • "'come, let's all sit down and get acquainted. it won't be hard. i know we're going to adore each other – i knew it as soon as i saw you at redmond this morning. i wanted so much to go right over and hug you both.'" (p. 29)
    • "'oh, but i've left out the transforming thing,' said anne softly. 'there'll be love there, phil – faithful, tender love, such as i'll never find anywhere else in the world – love that's waiting for me. that makes my picture a masterpiece, doesn't it, even if the colors are not very ...
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