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    • [make me an offer i cannot refuse] shall you refuse me? show me the face of the radical dream. there's no time for severance, make me an offer i cannot refuse.
    • [run away with me] and i will bring you life. a new communion with a paradise that brings the truth of light within. and i will show you rapture. a new horizon. follow me to life and love within.
    • [video game] i don't wanna be the center of the universe. i don't wanna be a part of that shame. in a way i wanna be my own redeemer. i don't wanna play your video game.
    • [lamentations] i was only thinking of human kindness. i am the future, define the future.
    • [tell me you love me] right now i could use a change of heart or a kiss before everything falls apart. can you tell me this love will last forever? and as the world turns making such a mess, what's the point of it when everyth...
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