• How Many Cows
  • Johnny
  • Woman riding the elevator
  • Jump, splat, scream, call
  • Jack and Jill, baseball, broken glass, puddle
  • Man in scuba suit in the forest
  • 99 people in a cabin in the woods
  • 24 heads come out of the water
  • 28 chickens. How many didn't.
  • Sure Does
  • If there is B in your hand, what's in your eye
  • Woman at her campsite. What color is the bear?
  • Man is lying on top of pile of bicycles dead.
  • Green Glass Door
  • Black Magic
  • 100 prisoners
  • Sure Does
  • Two fuses, 45 minutes
  • Two containers of liquid, 4 pounds total


  • Oh It's a What?
  • Video Game
  • Button Factory
  • Do You Want It?

Verbal Games

  • Contact
  • Grass or Toast
  • Got It
  • Mafia


  • Bear Hug
  • Mingle
  • Ninja
  • Animal Challenge
  • Poopdeck
  • Screaming Eyecontact/Eart Eyes
  • Move Your Butt/The Great Wind Blows/Common Ground/I Love my Neighbor
  • Natural Resources
  • Across the Ocean
  • Jump the Creek
  • Dip Dip
  • Haukken
  • Dragon Princess

Activities that Require Materials

  • Old Lady with an Ear Infection on the Beach
  • Fishbowl
  • Privilege Walk
  • Celebrity Foreheads
  • Frozen T-shirt (Give everyone a t-shirt that was frozen in a little ball. The first one to put on the t-shirt is the winner)
  • Frozen bead (first one to get their bead out of a block of ice is the winner)
  • Straw Arm Crossed Circle

Active Activities

  • Dip
  • Human Knot
  • Chocolate River (Get across a river without touching the ground, provide some kind of cardboard)
  • Bear Hug (Best with an even number of people. Everyone has a partner. There is an inner circle and an outer circle. Those on the inner circle are sitting between the legs of those in the outer circle. Whoever is it must yell out the names of other players in the inner circle. These players must go and tag whoever is it, but their partners will try to stop them by any means necessary)
  • Bite the Bag (stand on one leg and pick up a bag off of the ground with your teeth. Cut off the top of the bag to make it shorter)
  • Mingle (Bicycle, Composting Toilet, treehugger)
  • Ninja
  • Animal Challenge (bunny, fish, gorilla, snake, dragon)
  • Eye Contact/Screaming
  • Poopdeck (Poopdeck, starboard, dancing pirates, lighthouse, pirates eating, attention)
  • Helium Tentpole (Everyone in a line, place the tentpole on their fingers and have them lower it to the ground)
  • Move Your Butt (Have everyone take off their shoes in a circle. Person in the center says something they've done and everyone else who has done that has to move to a different set of shoes)
  • Hula Hoop Circle Race (Group in a circle holding hands. A hula hoop has to travel all the way around the circle)
  • Natural Resources (Food=hand on stomach, water=hand on mouth, shelter=hands making point over head, space=hands straight out to the side)
  • Spider Tag (everyone is it. You must tag someone else's back in order to get them out. Once you are out you must sit on the ground until the person who tagged you is tagged, then you are back in)
  • Across the Ocean
  • Jump the Creek (jump a certain distance over a jump rope on the ground. Once everyone clears the jump rope increase the distance and have everyone go again. Repeat this cycle until only one person remains)
  • Blanket Surprise (blanket in the middle, yell the other person's name)
  • Wizards, Giant, Elves/Mosquito, Salmon, Bear (rock, paper, scissors tag)
  • Blind Trust (Partner up. One partner is blindfolded and in a circle with tennis balls/dolls lying all around. Blindfolded people must throw objects at other blindfolded people in order to eliminate them. They are to be directed by their partner who is standing outside the circle and shouting through all of the other people shouting.

Card Games

  • Spoons
  • Circle of Death
  • Spit
  • Gin Rummy
  • Hearts
  • Quads (Quints)
  • Palace


  • Nate and the Garden of Eden
  • The Trids
  • Crustacean
  • Fairy
  • Milk

Favorite Lessons from Star Lake

  • Biodegrading Materials (How long do certain materials take?)
  • Frozen Socks
  • Exploding Ivory soap (Soap Paint Explosion Art)
  • Burying Biodegradable Materials
  • Helium Tentpole
  • Spaghetti Tower
  • Blindfolded Communication
  • Adaptations (Is It Real???)
  • Optical Illusions (Stepping through a small hole, paper with only one side/pencil magically sticking to hand)
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