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  • ugly/cool costume jewelry cocktail ring at I's NYE party (found and returned about a year later)
  • black Forever21 fall coat (stolen from Stages on my birthday) (miraculously recovered three months later, was always at Stages and then was donated to charity)
  • MAC Rebel at PT prom
  • my cat (thankfully she was just hiding from the party under my bed)
  • coat check ticket (thankfully M had it)
  • 1 vertebrae earring and the remnants of a mickey of Canadian Club at my house on New Years Eve (earring located later, whiskey may have actually been consumed)
  • 1 anchor earring and a pair of A's socks at the cottage of a boy who's name is beyond me
  • A at a floor party
  • black, healed Mary Jane's at the Yule Ball
  • the clear straps for my strapless bra probably in the room of stonerL pre Yule Ball
  • a sea turtle patterned water bottle, a Queens water bottle, and E at a frosh group party
  • black healed booties and R's birkenstocks on homecoming first year (both located later)
  • white strappy sandals potentially in someone's car on prom night
  • cat ears on Halloween in a corn maze


  • countless scarves and pairs of mittens
  • countless pieces of ID/money/credit or debit cards (mostly all located later)
  • my phone many times
  • countless lipsticks/lip balms/other makeup
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