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“I have fallen in love with you, and there is no future for us. That you burst into my life suddenly only a short time ago. That it's too fast, too soon, and you will leave the same way you came into my life. I'll turn around one day and you'll be gone.”

ahn follows:
pie ✖️TELEVISION (2020)
☀ CASTLE/PALACE (to visit in Germany)
♫ MUSIC (favorite albums of all time)
len about me (aboutt m--e.)
mia art (favourite artists)
  • my real name is anh, thuy anh but i feel like only my teachers call me so. friends usually call me choco or lee.
  • i'm a typical gemini, talkative, easily fall in love and easily change my mood.
  • i love my mom and my dad but i don't love my family tbh. i also don't want to have my own family.
  • i love food. i can die for matcha flavored things, instant noodles, french fries, grilled food, pasta and pizza. and don't forget coke.
  • i don't really like fruits. i only love mango, water melon, banana, apple and pine apple.
  • i love pets esp cats. i call cats my sons. and i can't live without them.
  • i like kpop and i like many groups/ people. my ultimate biases are 2pm and beast doojoon. i'm a die-hard shipper of beast 2jun and b.a.p banghim. i'm very over-protected when it comes to my otps and biases.
  • i love watching jdramas. my fav j-actors are yamada ryosuke, yamap, haruma miura and sato takeru, fav j-actresses are toda erika and aoi yuu. but i love kdramas too!
    • favorite jdramas:
      • bloody monday
      • mr.brain
      • boss
      • love shuffle
      • tantei gakuen q
      • juui dolittle
      • gokusen I
    • favorite kdramas:
      • ghost
      • shut up: flower boyband
      • scent of a woman
      • ten
  • about movies, i usually watch us-uk movies. there're so many good movies, i think i should make a list.
  • i usually read mangas and sometimes watch anime. i like shoujo and shounen and *cough* shounen-ai.
    • favorite mangas/ animes
      • one piece
      • d-grayman
      • doraemon
      • kimi to boku
      • kimi ni todoke
      • tantei gakuen q
      • kindaichi shounen no jikenbo
      • sahara mizu's mangas
      • cat street
      • omg many more should make a list too!
  • i love cooking and baking and eating things that made by me.
  • i love bright colors like yellow, orange, hot pink and lime. and soft colors like baby pink, peach, baby blue and cream. and black. and white. and brown. and i don't like violet.
  • my english skill sucks. ha-ha--ha.
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