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“I have fallen in love with you, and there is no future for us. That you burst into my life suddenly only a short time ago. That it's too fast, too soon, and you will leave the same way you came into my life. I'll turn around one day and you'll be gone.”

ahn follows:
pie ✖ TELEVISION (2019)
☀ CASTLE/PALACE (to visit in Germany)
♫ MUSIC (favorite albums of all time)
len about me (aboutt m--e.)
mia art (favourite artists)

im gross im cheesy :---) pienosuke xx xxx xx ((inserts pie's real name)) don't read it you're not allowed.

  • no im not gonna write about my precious byuntae ot3 #chocopiemia no im not bc we have this: the story of the golden trio/ charlie's devils/ x-men the 3rd class blah blah. i just want to say i love you 2 so much. thanks for always staying by my side, cheering me up when i feel down. thanks for giving me love and care and all. let's make pie's list about us longer and longer and longer and longer and longerrrrr. btw i know you 2 are byuntae/ biantai it's ok i can accept it bc of love.
  • ommars ommars we are ommars. i always want to thank infinite, because without infinite, i wouldn't have known you 2. i want to thank myself too hehe, bc if i didnt choose to be a fangirl, i wouldn't have you 2 in my boring and hopeless life. you guys made the choco that everyone knows today. you guys changed me. i'm really thankful. we rarely talk to each others these day, i'm really sad :'( i miss talking with you 2 so much (talking together,3 of us). please always be my ommars, i really don't want us to break apart :'(
  • my best of best of best friend and sister, my lan anh, my kit. if i have to choose between my life and you, i'll choose you. you're really special to me. my best sister, my best friend, my best mate in everything. i want you to stay with me forever, to let me protect you, to happily live your life with me. i always say things like 'hate you', 'get lost' blah blah to you, but from the bottom of my heart, i really love you. i love every moment that i'm with you.
  • my kindergarten. i always think, being a part of our kindergarten is one of the best things i've ever done in my life. i love everything about us, i love the way we share things and thoughts, i love the way we talk about ridiculous things from early in the afternoon until midnight... i love everything.
  • huyhuy and mimi <3 my 2 cute little friends. my husbando my little sis. my soulmate my angel. you 2 always light up my life and my mood. even when i feel like 'wow i hate people they are bad', you 2 are still cute to me. huy is my first soulmate, my most special soulmate. mi is the only 96 girl that i like haha you're really cute and soft and cute and soft and cute hehehehehe. don't ever change, i love you 2 like this.

((im not in the mood so i'll edit it later :---D))

sep 20 2012 ∞
sep 23 2012 +
user picture pie: pienosuke vu tra my / you are not allowed to tell my REAL NAME IN PUBLIC YOU ASSHOLEEEEEE sep 22 2012
user picture ahn: oh please nobody knows my listography sep 23 2012
user picture pie: even so, this is a public face and i'm famous!
user picture ahn: psh =; sep 25 2012
user picture len: "huy is my first soulmate, my most special soulmate. " thích thế. ♥♥♥ sep 26 2012