Some of these are a bit clunky.

  • Josepha
  • Casimira
  • Adamina (I didn't realize it was a feminization of Adam until after I fell in love... I thought it was Ada + Mina)
  • Sebastiane/Sebastia/Sevastiane/Sevastia
  • Augusta/Augustia/Augustina
  • Cesaria/Caesaria
  • Joaquina (hate the pronunciation, but the name itself is beautiful)
  • Xaviera
  • Simona
  • Victoria
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dec 20 2018 +
user picture sarah celeste: Ooh, I love Adamina (and Simona, Augustina, and Josepha) oct 27 2018
user picture Stariteller: Yay, I'm glad someone else appreciates these! Especially Josepha... I love the sound and look of it (possibly more than Josephine, dare I say? Yes, I dare—it's so beautiful!)