Saw this on Pinterest and was inspired.

  • liv cosima fawn
  • isla primrose moon
  • camilla elspeth story "millie"
  • india blue violet "indie"
  • willow shea celeste "will"
  • faye olive rowena "folly"
  • emilia margarethe bay "mimi"
  • delilah amaranth sage "delia"
  • indigo sunset rose
  • sky tallulah fern
  • aurora jane eulalie "rory"
  • zoe saoirse autumn "z"
  • neve naomi boheme
  • ophelia verte sigil "ollie"
  • nina dahlia soleil
  • vidie lorelei alice
  • flora wisteria ash "florie"

notes: cosima is pronounced cozy + muh. shea is pronounced shay. margarethe is pronounced mar-ga-ray-eet-uh. verte is pronounced v + air + t.

nov 11 2018 ∞
dec 16 2018 +
user picture sarah celeste: This is so cute, Ari! I love Delilah Amaranth Sage and Liv Cosima Fawn and so many more. nov 11 2018
user picture Stariteller: Aw, thank you! I was thinking of you when I made Liv Cosima Fawn (and Vidie Lorelei Alice... not so much the 2nd two names, but I figured you'd be intrigued by Vidie) nov 12 2018