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"Lists are the butterfly nets that catch my fleeting thoughts..."
- Betsy Cañas Garmon

I like fiction, coding, film, math, MBTI, philosophy, music, and Pokemon. I pretend to like competitive sports.

I've been on listo since 2010, don't @ me

aroceu follows:
listography messages
mollow blogs (list)
Rems games (purchase plans for 2019)
sunny fandom (interests)
mark notes (likes & dislikes)

(need to finish going through google fonts)

want to use in the future:


  • consolas (monospace)
  • lucida sans (sans-serif)
  • never let go (cursive)
  • georgia (serif)

google fonts favs: (i need to use serif fonts more...)

  • open sans (sans-serif)
  • roboto (sans-serif)
  • lato (sans-serif)
  • source sans pro (sans-serif)
  • dancing script (cursive)
  • pt serif (serif)
  • homemade apple (cursive) x idk if i've used this before
  • ubuntu mono (monospace)
  • la belle aurore (cursive)


  • futura (sans-serif)
  • calibri (sans-serif)
  • garamond (serif)
  • century gothic (sans-serif)

cross-browser friendly:

  • arial
  • helvetica
  • times new roman
  • verdana
  • tahoma
  • trebuchet ms
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mar 15 2018 +