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"Lists are the butterfly nets that catch my fleeting thoughts..."
- Betsy Cañas Garmon

I like fiction, coding, film, math, MBTI, philosophy, music, and Pokemon. I pretend to like competitive sports.

I've been on listo since 2010, don't @ me

aroceu follows:
kat notes (girl groups)
tea fandoms (will always be excited to talk about)
sunny fandom (interests)
about me
nic childhood (anime)

(need to finish going through google fonts)

want to use in the future:


  • consolas (monospace)
  • lucida sans (sans-serif)
  • never let go (cursive)
  • georgia (serif)

google fonts favs: (i need to use serif fonts more...)

  • open sans (sans-serif)
  • roboto (sans-serif)
  • lato (sans-serif)
  • source sans pro (sans-serif)
  • dancing script (cursive)
  • pt serif (serif)
  • homemade apple (cursive) x idk if i've used this before
  • ubuntu mono (monospace)
  • la belle aurore (cursive)


  • futura (sans-serif)
  • calibri (sans-serif)
  • garamond (serif)
  • century gothic (sans-serif)

cross-browser friendly:

  • arial
  • helvetica
  • times new roman
  • verdana
  • tahoma
  • trebuchet ms
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mar 15 2018 +