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"Lists are the butterfly nets that catch my fleeting thoughts..."
- Betsy Cañas Garmon

I like fiction, coding, film, math, MBTI, philosophy, music, and Pokemon. I pretend to like competitive sports.

I've been on listo since 2010, don't @ me

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hey note to self it's been like 40 years since you wrote orig shit or lapslock or first person or chatfic (i guess)

or past tense but we don't talk about that

  • little men... jake/tony...
  • edge of seventeen krista/nadine DUH
  • hamilton (hamburr, lams, eliza/alexander & lams, maria/??peggy??or eliza, phillip/theodosia)
  • independence day: resurgence (jake/dylan)
  • brooklyn nine-nine (rosa/amy)
  • fifth harmony (normani/ally & lauren/camila)
  • star wars (anakin & luke, finn, poefinn, poefinnrey)
  • lok (asami/korra) & also just an atla reboot of zukaang stuff
  • bradley/colin
  • steven universe (amethyst/peridot, blue diamond/pink diamond, ruby/sapphire, steven/connie)
  • riverdale - betty/veronica. archie & betty. i don't even like archie. REGHEAD THO.
  • ghostbusters: abby/erin
  • also a sherlock thing don't ask me about it
  • life is strange
  • the good place
  • arrowverse >:|

write more bitch

  • powerpuff girls (glasses!bubbles)
  • asoue (a whole host of things, @renaissance)
  • death note
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