i am not sorry

my head isn't so heavy as is the clocks, the papers, did you know that your vision gets worse when all you do is look, i guess i didn't and thought i was better than that

long lip paintings,

longing wet silence

there's listening to us

here's to us,

here's to you, especially, breathing properly is better all the time

than like me and the lungs i have

whats smaller than you and red?

don't allow me to speak in a recognizable language

i want to learn my own,

the one i grew up with,

do you too know the meanings of things you don't understand

and do you know why thats what i know, its our little secret

Missed it all, miss the right things,

missed what you said here, And any good things I forgot them.

oct 14 2020 ∞
oct 14 2020 +