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    • i'm gonna die someday (stop)
    • just tired of losing people.
    • i'm not gonna leave you.
    • you're my brother.
    • going back to my place, to my family.
    • m-maybe, i could done something.
    • i hate goodbyes.
    • getting hurt is part of the package.
    • but you made it, you got out.
    • i think you should remind me of this sometimes.
    • no, you don't depend anyone for nothing, isn't it?
    • so, you think that exist good people in world?
    • wh(o)at made you change ideia?
    • hey, we're not they.
    • y're gonna miss me so bad when i'm gone, daryl dixon?
    • this isn't a democracy anymore
    • suck my nuts
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