every time I say, "new goal in life...", whether they're plausible or not.

  • Live somewhere that I can wear flip flops (or sandals in general) all year.
  • Find swag that pays the bills.
  • Be as brilliant as possible while still having adequate fun.
  • Get married in a Catholic church. Not because I want to be Catholic, they're just super pretty.
  • Buy a boat; call it "Worthless." Just for ironic purposes.
  • Become an NFL cheerleader, so I actually can be a football groupie ;)
  • Marry Ryan Lochte. Because he is swag. And can pay the bills. Plus he's perfect.
  • Spend a night at Shooters in Durham, NC.
  • Drive a Zamboni
  • Make all the bank, so my hubs can be a stay-at-home dad.
  • Send my future badass children to Duke. Because they will be THOSE kids.
jun 23 2012 ∞
mar 2 2013 +