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  • get up late. have a lay in. sleep past your alarm. you have a very long life ahead of you and for now you should appreciate the cold side of your pillow.
  • don’t fight your demons. your demons are here to teach you lessons. sit down with your demons and have a drink and a chat and learn their names and talk about the burns on their fingers and scratches on their ankles. some of them are very nice.
  • victim complexes are not attractive. boys and girls can like you even though you're sad, they will not like you because you're sad. they are not going to date you and kiss your aching bones and cure you of your dragging depression. wake up. take a bath. do your hair. be attractive.
  • sadness is not poetic. depression is not beautiful. laying in bed all day and eating too much or not eating at all is not healthy and it is not tragic or pretty. get up. go outside. let the sun warm your bones. live.
  • if it makes you happy, buy twenty of it. dedicate your life to it. print it on tv shirts and collect things and draw art of it. do not care what people think. they are the unhappy people you need to avoid. the abuse they will hurl at you is painless compared to how sad they are. pity them. remain happy.
  • you are allowed to he angry, but the world is not working against you. the flowers do not bloom for you and when your mother shouts ask her if she is okay instead of thinking she hates you. she never will. the world walks beside you and is silent. it does not trip you up or carry you.
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