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"My love child tracked me down. I was scared, shocked, angry. Like a dog in a sidecar when it comes loose from the motorcycle."

Sir, the silliness radar is detecting a huge disturbance just north of San Diego, California. Scramble the jets!

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  • I would not know any random trivia. At all.
  • All of my writing would be significantly worse or nonexistent because I constantly edit while typing
  • I wouldn't talk to anyone besides my closest friends.
  • I would never hear any new music.
  • My room would be cluttered with papers.
  • My design journal project would have been extremely difficult.
  • My mom would probably boycott Christmas.
  • I wouldn't know the answers to a myriad of questions without Google.
  • I'd read the newspaper or magazines.
  • I'd learn how to do most of the things on my (i wish i knew how to...) list.
  • I wouldn't watch any DVDs or any of my favorite TV shows.
  • I'd be better at staying with tricky problems and using my own brain to figure them out.
  • It would be much harder to get directions to places.
  • Many administrative tasks would be more delayed (applying to school, paying for school, registering for classes...)
  • I'd be more in shape.
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