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"My love child tracked me down. I was scared, shocked, angry. Like a dog in a sidecar when it comes loose from the motorcycle."

Sir, the silliness radar is detecting a huge disturbance just north of San Diego, California. Scramble the jets!

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  • "She's dead, but she was hilarious. Let's party."
  • "I'm gonna have the Caesar salad recipe at Souplantation named after her."
  • "She could sexy-dance like no other."
  • "She was so awkward, Michael Cera had to slap her to her senses."
    • At which point I hope it'll degrade into "Yo mama" jokes, except about me. That would be awesome.
  • "I guess Rosebud is just a... piece in a jigsaw puzzle... a missing piece."
    • Note to self: Make sure last word is "rosebud."
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