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  • ANSWER: Christina Aguilera
    • In 4th grade, I became a huge fan of Christina Aguilera and decided I wanted to sing just like her.
    • In 5th grade, I sang her version of "Reflection" from the movie Mulan for the talent show. That year, I also signed up for my first singing lessons. I also learned to love Mariah Carey.
    • In 6th grade, I joined choir in middle school as an alto. I auditioned for our school's show choir and didn't get in.
    • "Moulin Rouge" and "Chicago" came out--I became interested in musical theatre.
    • In 7th grade, I noticed a pattern: both Christina and Mariah had parents who were professional opera singers. I started opera lessons. Audition #2 for the show choir: Success!
    • In 8th grade, I was in show choir and I absolutely loved it--singing and dancing! Opera lessons were difficult. I usually asked my teacher to choose musical theatre songs because I was getting sick of doing "Caro mio ben." Meanwhile, my mom suggested I take acting classes at South Coast Repertory because opera required some acting knowledge. I took my first class there but ended up ditching the spring demo because I was too shy.
    • In 9th grade, I went to high school and became a musical theatre "major" at APA. I auditioned for lots of shows and didn't get cast. I quit opera because my teacher was way too strict and hard on me. I resumed classes at South Coast Repertory, starting over at Year 1. I volunteered to write the spring demo play: a 45-min one-act and my first playwriting experience ever!!
  • To be continued...
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