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"My love child tracked me down. I was scared, shocked, angry. Like a dog in a sidecar when it comes loose from the motorcycle."

Sir, the silliness radar is detecting a huge disturbance just north of San Diego, California. Scramble the jets!

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Theme: Asian-Fusion! imaginary studio apartment

  • Living/bedroom
    • White walls
    • Low-pile white carpet
    • Dark brown kotatsu (Japanese coffee table with heater underneath and white futon cover)
    • 4 kotatsu cushions with colorful prints
    • Little, fun-shaped mirrors on the walls
    • White desk facing a large window
    • Sheer white curtains
    • Turquoise desk chair
    • Small, white bookcase
    • Colorful cat bed
    • White carpeted cat tree
    • White and dark brown shoji screen to separate the living and sleeping areas
    • Fluffy, fold-up futon (alliteration?)
    • Turquoise quilt
    • Magenta pillows
    • White body pillow
    • Low, white cube to use as a nightstand
    • Large screen-print of a Japanese pagoda on one wall
    • Built-in closet with sliding mirror door
    • White laptop support
  • Kitchen
    • Solid countertops
    • The usual appliances
    • Enough counter space
    • Enough pantry space
  • Bathroom
    • White walls
    • Shower curtain in chinois pattern
    • White towels in a big clear cube
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